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I stood up for my mother

“I stood up for my mom, and dad knocked out my eye! But it doesn't hurt, ma’am, I am okay with one eye! " - the boy tells me when we meet.
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Seeing tears in my eyes, courageous mother's protector, 7-year-old Guga smiles and changes his note: “Oh, no! Don’t cry! Everything is all right!” - and happily continues: – “What wrong time you’ve come, I was playing hide-and-seek with my friends and I’ve almost won. I don’t like too much playing tags, I can run fast, but sometimes I hit a tree or a wall! My eye does not see at all... Look, I will close my right eye and it will immediately become dark! I can’t see you either! Now you know, why I like playing hide-and-seek?”

  It’s been already three years as Guga does not see. Boy has caught his father's wrath when father once again beat his dear mother.  

  “Let me better show you where I hide so that nobody can find me, but promise me you won’t tell anybody about it, okay?” — Guga said and leaded me to the fridge.

  – Do you hide here? In the fridge?

  Guga (7-year-old): You are so funny, not of course! Now close your eyes.  Oops, where is Guga? Guga has gone... and here I am! You would never find me here, would you? Nobody can find me.


– Go on playing and I will talk to your mother, we will continue our conversation later, okay?

    Guga: Okay, but then you should talk to my brother too.

    Guga runs away in his slippers and stumbles a couple of times.  

    Gulnazi, mother of three children: Gulnazi: His shoes have got wet, so he runs in his slippers, he has no shoes for change.

- Gulnazi, Guga managed to tell me a horror story in two minutes - I think it was his fantasy.  What happened to his eye?

    Gulnazi: Unfortunately, it was not his fantasy. It really happened. When our second child was born, the relationship between my husband and me became strained. He changed a lot. He shouted, swore ... and once he took a swing at me. Guga was 3 at that time. Just 3! When my husband was trying to hit me for the second time, he stood between us and shouted, “I will not let you beat my mother!”  and the blow hit him. He fell down, lost consciousness, and after that he started having problems with his eyes. He started losing his vision and his left eye became completely blind a year ago. I left my husband straight after that! I will let nobody offend my children. You know, nobody?

    – Gulnazi, tell me about your family. How can so many people fit in such a tiny room?

Gulnazi: We are six. Me, my mother Mzekala, she is 45. My grandmother Lamzira, she is 61. She has been disabled since birth, she’s a second category disabled. She used to have week feet, it has been three years as she has relocated on her knees, she cannot stand up. But despite her disability she manages to help me with the kids. The children love her.

    My mom has health issues too, she suffers diabetes. Fortunately, she does not need insulin, it can be regulated by pills. That’s how we live.

    – Tell me more about Guga. What does he need first of all?

    Gulnazi: He needs procedures to strengthen his right eye. He is losing sight and I am afraid he can get completely blind. I can’t even buy him glasses - we are in a very hard situation. Our income is 510 GEL, 300 GEL of that we pay for this dump, and the rest goes for food. It is barely enough. Buying footwear or clothes for the children is completely out of the question.

– I saw how Guga and Mate were playing in the yard with their slippers on, Guga even stumbled several times. It is dangerous!

    Gulnazi: I am also afraid of that, but it is impossible to keep the boys at home. Their footwear has got wet, so they are running around in their slippers. They don’t have two pairs of shoes, they even have no proper food, what to not to mention footwear or clothes. I can’t buy glasses for my son, you see. My son can get blind - let alone footwear...

    During our conversation Guga rushes into the room together with his brother Mate.

    Guga: We have not got much time, there is a break in the game now, so if you have any questions - ask, we will run away soon.

– Okay, okay let’s talk about your life, your school, your friends! 

Guga: It’s everything okay at school, we study as all other children do. I am the strongest in my class and even in the yard! Recently two boys attacked me, but I beat them with my left, well, - joking - I would not beat strongly for I might hit someone’s eye? There is one boy here, so stupid!  He says bad words and offends girls. I will not tell you his name, but it starts with “A”. He is 6 years old! Let him guess.

– Mate, does this “A” offend you too?

    Mate (6-year-old): No, we are friends with him. He is not so bad, it does not matter that a couple of times he did not lend me his bicycle, and a couple of times he did not give me a candy, well, he says bad words sometimes, but he is a good guy! I also want to have a bicycle so much!

    – What toys do you have? Do you lend your toys to your friends?

    Mate: We have nothing, not even a ball. But if I had toys, I would be a “lending” boy.

    – What toys do you want to have?

    Guga: I want a skateboard and blocks. I want to build a big castle for me.

– With whom would you live in that castle? Do you know any princess?

    Guga: Yes! Her name is Lika. She is the most beautiful girl!

    - Can you describe her? What color are her eyes and hair?

    Guga: I don’t remember… they are of a beautiful color! It does not matter, she is the best! Once we will live with her in a palace! That’s it! Ok, we are running away! Bye!

    –  Gulnazi, now I understand what gives you force to live and to stay positive! They are just wonderful! And now tell me about Anna-Maria.

    Gulnazi: Anna-Maria is our precious. I will tell you the story how she was born. Many people might judge me, but I thank God for her. We were planning to get married with her father, but when he knew that I was pregnant, he said he was not ready to become a father and disappeared. I even thought about getting into a big sin, but my mother and grandmother made me change my mind. They said: “God had given her to you, God would give food for her too!” And now when I look at her, I ask God to forgive me that I was going to kill her. Moms don’t even think about that! You know, never!

    Mate:  I hear, you are talking about Anna-Maria! Can I also speak about her? She is a cry-baby and she is used to pull our hair! Sometimes she pulls her own and cries! It is so funny!

    – Gulnazi, what do you give your children to eat? What do you have for dinner?

    Gulnazi: It is the third day as we have had pasta. And the baby has water-based oats porridge. Unfortunately, I cannot always buy milk for her. I have to pay off my debts to the shop.

    - Gulnazi, does anybody help you? Neighbors, strangers?

    Gulnazi: We have no relatives who can help us, my dad is dead, we have nobody... Before Anna-Maria was born I used to have some side jobs - cleaning or washing dishes at the restaurant. Now I can’t work.

-  How did you find yourself in this “barn”? I can’t call it a room!

    Gulnazi: Because of Guga we often had to come to Tbilisi - we are from Chiatura. We had no money for the doctors and the analyses, so I used to leave the children with my mom and granny, working days and nights in Tbilisi to save some money for the treatment and medications. Then we realized that it was impossible to be apart for such a long time, so we all moved to Tbilisi. And we managed to rent this, “barn”, as you call it. There is only one room here with two beds - my mom and my granny sleep with the boys, and the baby-girl and me sleep in the kitchen, we put a camp bed there at night, that’s how we live. But we are all together! And the doctors are nearby.

    – Gulnazi, you probably know, that whole Georgia reads the articles of our Fund. The officials from the governmental bodies too. What do you expect? Do you think, there will be any response?

    Gulnazi: The only thing that scares me is that social workers can take away my children. If something happens, they always threaten people to take the children away! But I hope that they will just ask how we are doing. Or maybe they will offer us a better room, or they will help with the eye treatment, or just with food. We are experiencing a hard time now, a very hard time.

  – You can address our readers!

  Gulnazi: Before addressing your Fund, I have read lots of family stories at your page. All the people mentioned there are in hardship, all of them suffer. And later, like in a fairy tale, they get happy, they smile, and their plate is full! It is so wonderful! I felt so happy for them, and finally decided to write to you. I hope, the friends of the Fund will take the pain of my children to their hearts too and help.

–Guys, do you want to say anything to our readers?

    Guga: I would say that I fell down right now, but it did not hurt because I’m strong. And that I need shoes.

    Mate: I would say, that if anybody comes for a visit, I will recite poems!


The nice little boy Guga lives with one eye. He is losing sight of his second eye and we have to stop it. We will help him! We cannot restore his sight, but we can preserve whatever he has.

Friends, the Abesadze family urgently needs help with Guga’s treatment. We must help him to keep his eye seeing! The family also needs food, hygienic items, a fridge - not just to hide behind it :-)

God directed them to us.The boys have lucid desires and innocent dreams. They don’t wish many things, just to have shoes for change, toys, and good food - sometimes!

Call Gulnazi and support her with kind words, her phone is: 598 28 24 31.

You can learn more about the terrible conditions in which the Abesadze family lives, if you visit them at: Tbilisi, 52 Tseronisi Str.

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about those wonderful children! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

Friends, there is one more request : if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Gulnazi and her family and who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need the help of strangers!

One call saves life: 0901 200 270.

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