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Little woman with big heart

The Foundation “Social Partnership” launches the action to support Mrs. Zaira Begadze.
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Project completed!

We would like to introduce to you amazing woman, beneficiary of our Foundation – Zaira Gabadze. This is emotional, kind woman, sensitive to any attention and care.

Zaira was born in Batumi, and then moved to the capital city. In order not to be dependent on her parents, simultaneously with studies she worked at the engineering factory. Though it was not the place for young and fragile girl, she never complained about.  She was proud she could do men’s work just as men did. Zaira was loved and respected for her cheerful nature and generosity. Unfortunately, she had no luck in her private life… Therefore, she ended up alone.

One day her usual active life ended: she had a stroke and then she was paralyzed. Out of the independent woman used to solve all her issues independently, she turned into the paralyzed woman bound to bed…

It is terrible, when lonely people become paralyzed all of a sudden!

When the representatives of our Foundation met Zaira, they were astonished: her entire room in the old hostel was full of ropes and hooks. Zaira made them herself being paralyzed in order to get along with the things in the room. One rope is bound to the door, another to the small window, one more to refrigerator and so on all around. Zaira deals with that “complicated mechanism” great. Even in such hard conditions, she tries to stay independent and keep courage.

Notwithstanding her being courageous and keeping joking, calling her invention “control panel of the apartment”, it is obvious there is endless sadness and tears of loneliness in her eyes. Nobody can help her even with the simplest things, e.g. open the window, when it is hot, and help her with a glass of water, when she is thirsty and simply to talk, to support morally.

When people from our Foundation “Social Partnership” come to her and bring her medications and food, she cannot help to reserve her tears. Though she does not cry of pity for herself – she is just sincerely happy she is not forgotten and still needed...

That poor old woman, having received food from “Social Partnership” every time asks whether there is anyone fostered by our Foundation even in harder misery than she is. Then she asks to share her food with those needed. She wants to share everything… She aspires to share kindness!

She needs warmth, not only spiritual, but physical as well. The case is, it is very cold in her room, there is no heating, no gas supplied, no wood stove might be installed. At times, she opens the door in order to let some warmth in from the corridor of the hostel.

The only thing, which might heat her room, is electrical heater.

Dear friends, let us support that generous and strong woman.

She does not need a new heater; any functional one will help her to get warm.

In addition, if you prefer to help the poor woman financially, you may transfer money to the account of the Foundation: GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: Zaira Gabadze) or directly at the website of the Foundation:

Let us share warmth of our hearts with each other!


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