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An old Georgian a sailor is drowning in the ocean of the terrible diseases of loneliness!

today - this fearless hero, a 79-year-old sailor, Levan Salukvadze lives out his days in dead solitude, cold and hunger!
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I loved the sea and the ocean. He has visited all the continents. He personally met Fidel Castro and the President of Guinea. The last few years he was the director of a sports school. He educated children. He old them about the seas and oceans. After all, Georgia is a sea country!
    And today this fearless hero, 79-year-old sailor, Levan Salukvadze, lives out his days in the dreadful loneliness, coldness and hunger! 
"I've never been so lonely and miserable! Even during strong gales, when there is one only death around you! And now... even death has left me!"
    Friends, could 260 lari suffice for such a sick, old and lonely person for food per month? 
"My Pension and social benefits are spent on medicines, without which I will not wake up, and there is nothing to eat! Oh, God, I wish I'd drowned in the sea!" – The old man complains...
"These men are not people! Recently, some heartless scoundrels from the gas office came and cut off the gas. And now I don't even have hot water. And I have a stroke and a sick heart and 100 other terrible illnesses...
Tea and bread are all my food for the day. Recently I wanted to sweep the floor but when I bent down I fainted. I fell to the floor. And I would have died... Because there is nobody around! And I'm Georgian. I am a proud man. And such humiliation...
–Tell us about yourself, about your past life...
Levan Salukvadze: I graduated as a sailor. At first I served as a cabin boy, then as a sailor, and then as an assistant captain. The sea is my whole life! 
– Tell me, why did you remain lonely in your old age? 
Levan Salukvadze: My wife could not stand my crazy rhythm of life. She left... I still love her! And our daughter married an Italian and went to Italy. But her personal life was not successful. The curse is upon us! She divorced her husband, and now she is barely making ends meet.
– What does an ex-sailor dream of?
Levan Salukvadze: (smiling) I dream to see the sea, to touch the waves, to enter the deck at least once more. However, I know that's a completely unrealistic dream. My real life is so miserable that these dreams will accompany me to the other world...
– And when you leave the sea?
      Levan Salukvadze: It was after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in the hungry and cold 90s. But I was not idle. I'm a former pentathlon athlete! So I headed a sports school and for 15 years, before retirement, coached children, taught them to love a healthy lifestyle. You know, if I'm still holding on, it's a credit to the old school, as well as to your Fund, which does not leave me without attention. 
– Are you satisfied with our "Home care" program? 
Levan Salukvadze:  "Satisfied" is not the word. I'm happy that you "found" me and take care of me. Your doctor Manana is a person with a huge heart. I love her so much! Despite the fact that the state of my health is supported by medicines, the most important medicine for me, for a completely lonely person, is communication. Therefore, every visit of your medical staff, as well as your social worker, is a real holiday for me. I may have bored them with my memories of the past, but for me it is a huge inspiration, and a real salvation! Thank you! 
Friends, let's throw a rope of help to the old captain thrown overboard by the tsunami. Let's not let him drown with thoughts that he was betrayed his people – the most beautiful and "kind" ship on the whole planet – by Georgia!
He needs a lot: food, medicines, hygiene products, household items, bed linen, dishes... and most importantly, attention of compatriots!
If you do not have a possibility to help with money, make sure to repost this publication! Let your friends know about the grief of this old and sick captain! And God will surely help you if storm would, God forbid, happen in your life. 
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