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“Being in a coma is much better for me than in real life!”

Nazibrole was only 49 years old, but in her life she told everything: at the age of 18 she was abducted, forced to marry, beaten for 23 years;
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Nazibrole was only 49 years old, but in her life she told everything: at the age of 18 she was abducted, forced to marry, beaten for 23 years; His own brother rejected and deceived his sister and forced him to abandon his parental home; the eldest daughter threw a sick mother who was bedridden. And the only person who remained faithful to her was her youngest daughter, 16-year-old Niya. It is she who cares for the sick mother.
Nazibrol tells his story with pain and with tears in his eyes. She saw a lot and experienced a lot ... and after half a century of life she was left alone with her daughter and with a bouquet of diseases that do not give her rest, torment her day and night and complicate the hellish life. Heart park, chronic pancreatitis, hepatitis, cirrhosis, anemia, it moves with difficulty in the house, the body does not accept food, dizziness and nausea do not leave it. Sometimes he gets up, walks a few steps and falls to the floor, praying for help ... but nobody is around ... only the neighbors, hearing her inhuman roar, run in and help her ...
- Nazibrol, how did you end up in this state?
Nazibrola: It all started 30 years ago. My ex-husband abducted me 4 times. Each time I returned home, but for the fourth time I stayed and became his wife. For 3 years we had no child, he beat me, threatened me that in case of leaving he would kill, in such a stressful state I became pregnant and our first daughter was born. But this did not help our family, he continued to beat me. I could not do anything ...
“There was no one to protect you, where were your relatives?”
Nazibrola: There were no parents at that time, and my brother only said that since I got married, I had to think about my family and not whine in his ear, because he also had a family that he cared for. I would become a burden for him! But where is the protection there, after the death of his parents, he fraudulently renewed the house that, by law, belonged to me, since the brother sold the house that his parents gave him ...
- What happened to her husband, where is he?
Nazibrola: I did not tell you that we had a second daughter, Niya. She is now 16 years old and at home she helps me. Well, my husband ... 5 years ago he beat me up so much that I ended up in the hospital and lay in a coma for 4 days ... the doctors said that I had to get a blood transfusion from the pills my husband fed me ... they also found that I had there was hepatitis, which was complicated and cirrhosis of the liver developed ... I needed treatment ... but there was no money for it.
I broke up with my husband and left him. I left my daughter with him, because my financial condition did not give me the opportunity to keep her. Niyachka comes to me when her father lets her go, takes care of me, prepares food and leaves ... I remain in darkness, in merciless loneliness.
- Where is your eldest daughter?
Nazibrola: After I got down, she had a fight with me, called me names in every possible way, (approx. - crying) said that I hadn’t done anything for her and left home. He lives with a girlfriend and never asks how I'm here, died or remained alive ...
I did everything for them, worked as a hairdresser to bring money for food, for clothes ... took care of them and worried that they looked at domestic violence ... but my girl felt that I did nothing for her. It's a shame of course, but I can not do anything.
- What is your income, you have enough for a living, for treatment?
Nazibrola: The social benefits and pensions of the first group of a disabled person are enough for me only to pay for utilities. I need special nutrition, but I can’t afford it, I don’t want to think about treatment ... sometimes I buy medicines for a voucher that the local administration gives me, but this is not enough for the treatment course. And my health is getting worse.
“Whoever helps you?”
Nazibrola: You know, I believe in the kindness of strangers. Earlier, when I was still able to walk, on the street I felt bad and a complete stranger gave me 50 GEL. The neighbors help, sometimes they bring food, sometimes bread, as I am grateful to them ... and your foundation, for me, became a guardian, your doctors come to me every day if it weren’t for them, I would be gone long ago.
- Do you believe in the Almighty and what does prayer mean for you?
Nazibrola: If not for the Lord, I would have lost all hope. Prayers give me strength to live on. I would not want to continue my life, if not for my Niyachka. She needs a mother who will take care of her, and not for a turn ... it is for her that I ask God for health, this is my goal and nothing else!
- What do you need today?
Nazibrola: Medicines and food products are crucial for me ... if I had the opportunity, I would go through a course of treatment and I would feel better ... I would not be a burden for my daughter.
Nazibrol blames himself for everything. He thinks that earlier she had to think about herself and about children, but now it’s too late! She is sick, lonely and deceived. He believes that the Almighty will not leave her in the struggle with everything, with life ... only for the sake of one goal - this is her little daughter!
And we, people who can at least somehow help this woman ... A person who has not been given life by more than one sunny day ... must understand
Our help is of great importance to Nazibrol.
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Learning about poverty, God gives us the opportunity to take advantage of this and become a good figure. After all, life is such that we do not know what will happen to us tomorrow!

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