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“Dad, daddy, get up!

Papa had eaten too much ice cream, now, his throat hurts. "See how badly cold ...
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“Dad, daddy, get up!
Come play with me, please! I love so much…! - For a long time, the 4-year-old baby Andria used to say when his father fell ill!
   He explained to us very seriously that Papa had eaten too much ice cream, now, his throat hurts. "See how badly cold ...?"
We will return the kids to a loving dad ... After all, only on our kindness depends on the reunion and happiness of the Sharmiashvili family.
“Everything was like in a fairy tale, love at first sight, he carried me in his arms ...” - says the beautiful Ani, mother Andria. She glows from the inside when she talks about her beloved wife, and her eyes are filled with tenderness and warmth. - “And then ... Thank God even though he remained alive!” „(Crying)
From the wedding photos, a simply fabulously beautiful Georgian couple is looking at us, and it is true that they had everything in a fairy tale until that ill-fated night. David rushed to his beloved family after a hard day's work and got into a terrible accident. Damaged all parts of the brain, he lay in a coma for two months, when he woke up he was discharged for subsequent treatment at home. He does not say, does not move, it is not clear whether he recognizes relatives, his wife takes care of him as if she were a baby.
- Please tell us about your family.
 Ani: There are 4 people in our family: mom - Ani is 25 years old, dad is David 26 years old, Andria is 4 years old and baby Barbara is 1 year old. My mom, Violetta, lives with us temporarily, helps me with everything.
- Ani, we understand that it is difficult for you to speak, but please tell us what happened to your spouse.
Ani: October 28, David had an accident, miraculously survived. There is no accurate diagnosis and the forecasts of doctors are very vague. The cranium and all parts of the brain were damaged. As a result of which, the death of brain cells began. Recovery depends on the individual abilities of the body and the course of rehabilitation. He spent 2 months in intensive care, in a coma. After he came to, he opened his eyes and was able to breathe on his own. David stopped being a patient to be treated in intensive care, we had a choice: to identify him in the department of neurology, or continue treatment at home. Since we were in distress and there was no way to pay for treatment in a hospital, he was discharged. At the moment, his condition can be compared with a newborn baby. He simply lies with his eyes open, it is not clear whether one of us recognizes. It does not roll over and does not make contact on its own. For two months he was visited by a rehabilitologist, then I myself learned how to massage him.
- What is the most difficult part in the process of caring for such a patient?
Ani: The most difficult thing, probably, is that physically I don’t have enough strength to turn it over during a diaper change or other procedures. We are talking about an adult, previously strong and healthy man, respectively fragile woman is difficult to cope with such a burden. Two stomas were established, one for eating, the other for other physiological needs. They must be changed frequently and sterility must be observed, so a large number of disposable gloves and hygiene products are needed.
- What advice could you give to women who are in the same difficult situation as you?
Ani: I would like to wish endless patience, endurance and of course great love, without it, we cannot win this battle.
- What is the main problem of your family?
Ani: the problem is that a lot of money is needed to care for such a patient: medicines, diapers, disposable filters for the rehabilitation device, gloves ...
 Doctors say that David needs a good diet, including fish and meat, but the family does not have such funds.
- Could you tell us in detail about how you met with your love?
Ani: (laughs) Quite by accident, I went to visit my friend, in Okami village. In her family they met, then they were students. At first they corresponded in classmates, then they were very popular in Georgia, then they started dating and soon realized that we could not live without each other. I adore him ... David would tell you more colorfully if he could. He carried me in his arms. During one meeting, he took me in his arms and said that he would never let me go. How happy he was when I was pregnant ... he painted hearts on my stomach ... sorry for such details ...
-And nobody helps you? Parents or relatives? Whom would you like to thank for your help?
Ani: David's family lives far away in Kakheti, in the village, unfortunately, they can’t provide me financial support. But, despite the distance, David's 16-year-old sister, Inga, comes and helps me in caring for the sick. I am so grateful to her.
My mother, Violetta, helped us a lot with money, in fact, everything rested on her. Before this epidemic, my mother worked as a seamstress, and now she was left without work. We do not know how to live on.
- Have you ever thought that such a disaster could happen to them? How did you imagine your future?
Ani: We created a family out of great love and everything was wonderful with us. We dreamed of a large and strong family, of children. Dreamed of to see the world. David told me, I will work day and night to show you Paris and Rome, to take you to the most beautiful resorts ... but I didn’t need this! My whole world was around when my husband was with me! Before the tragedy happened, we lived a completely different life.
David is very strong, hardworking, knows how to do everything, he worked day and night and took on any work so that the family would not deny themselves anything. This accident for us is like a bolt from the blue. He was in a hurry to go home after work, did not fit into the turn, and the car rolled over.
Thank God that David did not break his spine.
- We greatly sympathize with your grief, but did you turn to someone for help? To local authorities, for example?
Ani: I appealed for help to absolutely all authorities, but since David is registered in Sighnaghi, we were refused everywhere. Only the Signagi City Hall transferred 700 GEL to the clinic where the husband was lying. And now I turned to the Ministry of Health with a request to finance a rehabilitation course, but I don’t even hope for help.
“What do you believe in?” What do you see salvation? Do you believe in God?
Ani: I am a very believer, I used to go to church often, now unfortunately, there is no such opportunity. I am always with my husband. I strictly observe all posts, and I bring up children in the spirit of the Orthodox Church.
- Do you believe in the kindness of strangers?
Ani: I believe our friends and neighbors helped us. I read your posts and see how Georgians help compatriots in trouble.
- Do your children go to school, kindergarten?
Ani: Before the misfortune happened, the children went to a private kindergarten, as I said, I got used to a completely different life. But now, you understand, this is out of the question.
Little Barbara is only a year old, and Andria is 4 years old - he loves to draw very much, I even thought of taking him to a drawing club. Now this is not possible. David was a wonderful father, his children adore him. And now, when he is in such a state and cannot reciprocate, the children often come up and hug him. Of course they are still small and do not realize everything that is happening. I explain to my son that dad ate a lot of ice cream and now he has a sore throat.
- For example, what do children eat? What is their daily diet?
Ani: As for nutrition, I always feed my husband and children the same food, often prepare soups, cereals, although, of course, to restore David, you need fish and meat, a complete diet. I am silent about the children.
“How did you end up in this apartment?”
Ani: We rent this room, we pay 300 GEL per month. You yourself see, there are only 25 squares, I independently divided the room and equipped the corner for the intensive care unit for David.
As for gas, the hostess of the room left me to solve this problem myself, she doesn’t need it, and I don’t have the money to carry gas into the room. So you have to cook on a gas cylinder.
- And now I’ll talk with the children. Andria, talk to you, can I? How are you? What games do you like to play? How do you help mom and dad? What are you dreaming about?
Andria (4 years old): Everything is fine with me, but my dad is sick, you know, he ate a lot of ice cream and now he has a sore throat, and I really want to play with him. He played football with me and drove for a walk, and now ... I really want daddy to get better soon.
I really want to help my mom, since dad got sick, mom cries all the time. And when she gives dad a massage, I play with my little sister, so as not to interfere with her.
- What is your family’s income? What is he enough for?
Ani: I understand that I take care of my husband and children, I can’t work in any way, my mother helped me financially while she had work. And now I don’t know what will happen to us. The social allowance is 80 lari, they wrote us high scores, I don’t know why. Before the misfortune happened, my husband worked tirelessly, did everything for our well-being, served in the army for three years on a contract, then took on any work, often worked at night, he was a jack of all trades. Fulfilled all our desires.
- What, in your opinion, do you need in the house first of all?
Ani: I only dream that my husband would stand on his feet, that everything would be as before, we love each other so much. Perhaps my only dream is for my husband to get better. And I believe in it! Only for this you need a lot of financial resources and a long, painstaking work. By my own efforts, I have already achieved a small, but result.
David has no temperature at home, although within two months, while he was in intensive care, the temperature reached 39 degrees. There, professionals looked after him, but they could not do everything with such love as I did!
Need food, money for food is not enough. Pampers are very necessary, hygiene products, filters for the sanitation apparatus are very expensive, and a two-week supply of medicines costs about 200 GEL.
I really need air conditioning, do not think, this is not my whim, the wounds are still open, the room is on the sunny side and in the summer it is very hot. Summer is approaching, and I am very afraid that in hot weather things will get complicated. You yourself understand mosquitoes, midges, I'm afraid of getting an infection 
- Why did you decide to contact us?
Ani: Relatives advised, said: “contact the Chernovetsky Foundation, they have helped many families, and they will certainly help you!”
- Want to meet friends of the Fund? Find new friends?
Ani: At the moment I am in such a deplorable situation that it is difficult for me to communicate with people, to devote time to anyone other than family. But I would be very glad to meet friends of your Fund, this would be a real salvation for me. Understand, if it were not for extreme need and a hopeless situation, I would never ask for help, my husband, when I was healthy, did everything so that we did not need anything. We could even afford to help others, and now?
Friends, as you see, the family of David Sharmiashvili lives in dire need. They need food, medicine, hygiene products, household appliances!
 Let's support them, show mercy, give David a chance to return to his beloved family and normal life. You can personally visit this family and provide assistance. Believe me, they will be happy! Call Ani, find out about the needs of the family, cheer and support, say that she is not alone and that we will not leave them in trouble! It is very important!
Here is their address: Ortachala, st. Gorgasali 81 tel .: 577322374
Friends, the Chernovetsky Charity Foundation begins an action: to help David Sharmiashvili. As you know, the Fund does not stop with one-time assistance. Help him survive! “Record” their family to your relatives. And we are sure that the Lord Himself will bless you.
And be sure to CEREAL our post. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important!
God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves. Not all people are the same. And not everyone is kind, as we are with you. Do not pass by someone else's misfortune! Unhappy people are given to us from above, so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!
Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or acquaintance, do a charitable deed, write to us by e-mail:
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