Responsibility and obligations - Сhernovetskyi Fund

Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Responsibility and obligations

The administration of the Fund takes off the responsibility to the beneficiary if:

1. The Fund will transfer the funds to a medical institution, and the funds for a particular beneficiary will get exhausted.
2. Other sources of financing will appear, and the beneficiary will no longer need the financial assistance of the Fund.
3. If an unscrupulous act will be recorded from the side of the beneficiary or his family.
4. The following acts are considered as unscrupulous:
- Insults and accusations against the administration of the Fund, personal threats, or threats by phone against one of the members of the Fund Administration;
- Violation of the rules of the Fund and the contract;
- Psychological pressure.
5. If someone is causing interference for the activities of the Fund. Such interferences are:
5.1. Distribution of personal accounts of the beneficiary in the form of posts and comments on the official page of the Fund secretly from the Fund. It does not matter who does this - a close relative or another person.
5.2. Distribution of false information about the activities of the Fund or about the members of the Fund Administration.

The above rules apply to everyone without exception. The Administration of the Fund strictly requires compliance with the rules by both society and beneficiaries.