Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

About Fund

The Fund was established on April 12, 2012, with the purpose of aiding large families, orphans and old people who cannot get out of their beds. 

During the short period of its existence the fund has already helped:

  • 2000 old people who cannot get out of their beds
  • 150 orphans or half-orphans, among which are 23 kids with restricted abilities.
  • 20 large families

More than 3,000,000 GEL has been spent on charity.    

The fund completely renovated the Church Tskemlovana, which was on the border of demolition, and the hostel of the nuns was also renovated.

Projects of the Charity Fund Social Partnership in Georgia:

On a daily basis we help: 

  • 500 social minorities who cannot get out of their beds, who cannot move around without help from others
  • 90 members of large families and we are planning to increase our aid by 5 times in the nearest future   
  • 50 children, who are deprived of care/custody    

Unfortunately, due to a heavy social background, according to official data there are more than one million people who require different types of aid. We are using all of our efforts to help in the next couple of years the maximum amount of people and we think that we can increase the amount of our aid by three times in different directions.    

Our goal – to involve all the whole of Georgia in charity work, so that everybody can see for themselves that every third person in Georgia is experiencing serious problems which he cannot resolve independently with nutrition, health, clothes and etc…

In everyday life we do not pay attention to such things, as if we cannot notice the existence of such people. But there are a lot of such people and they need our help!    

Charity Fund Social Partnership is an associated structure to the Ukranian Charity Fund Social Partnership. This fund in Ukraine exists for more than14 years now and during this time it managed to become the largest organization in Europe, which deals with homeless and poverty stricken people.