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Regulation on Cookie-Files

Edition dd 08.06.2018

This Regulation on cookie-files (hereinafter – "the Regulation") is addressed to the public at large (hereinafter – "the Users") – visitors and registered users of non-profit-making institution (NGO) “Chernovetskyi Fund”, identification code: 404940711, contact data: 11 Besarion Jgenti St., Tbilisi, Georgia, tel.: +995322193321 (hereinafter - "the Fund"), in the Internet with the domain name (including all subdomains and separate pages) (hereinafter – "the Website") and describes how the Work of the Website with cookie-files is arranged.

When the User enters the Website or uses separate services the Website automatically collects data with the help of сookie-files. The types of information collected by the Website with the help of сookie-files include IP-address, device ID, browsed pages and information, browser type, data of operational system and Internet provider, time tag, referring URL, geoposition data etc., depending on the device used by the User (computer, cell phone or any other device allowing to visit the Website, hereinafter – "the Device").

The Website operation is arranged so as to make its use as comfortable as possible for the Users. For this purpose the Website needs to analyze the behavior, preferences and interests of the Users (such analysis will help to improve the User's interaction with the Website, define the most comfortable interface and Website navigation etc.), which is done with the help of cookie-files.

From time to time, without prior notice to the User, this Regulation may be amended or supplemented (including in cases of changes in the provisions of the effective legislation). In case of making changes (updates, additions etc.) to the Regulation, the Website shall publish a respective notification on the Website and in the specified term such changes shall come into force. If the User does not refuse to accept them in writing within the specified term, it shall mean that the User agrees with the existing changes of the Regulation. It is recommended that the User consults the Regulation from time to time to control any changes and additions.

Hereinafter in this Regulation any references to the Website shall mean the Fund employees authorized to arrange the Website operation.

1. Technical Information of Cookie-Files

Cookie-files - are a text file (files) containing a small volume of data sent to the web browser and stored in the User's Device.

According to the terms of their existence cookie-files can be persistent/eternal (stored on the Device until the user deletes them) or session/temporary (stored until the browser is closed). Additionally, cookie-files are subdivided into the principal (installed immediately by the visited Website) and third-party (installed by other websites).

The Website uses the following categories of cookie-files according to the classification of the International Chamber of Commerce:

Strictly necessary cookie-files are required for the User to browse through the web page of the Website and when using specific services (access to secure pages, registration and authorization, search through the Website etc.). They also register the previous actions of the User when going to the previous page of the same session.

Performance cookie-files collect consolidated information on how the Website is used (time of the User's stay at the Website, frequently visited pages, sections, Website services, efficiency of the informational or marketing campaign etc.). They are stored on the Device between the browser sessions. The data collected using performance cookie-files is intended for resolving statistical or analytical tasks (separate data of cookie-files can be provided to third persons having a permission from the web resource exclusively for the given purposes).

Functional cookie-files save the parameters/configuration, and are stored on the User's Device between the browser sessions (User name, profile photo, information on comments left, website language, geolocation, data on providing the User with any information or the options selected and other Website personalization parameters). These cookie-files allow the Users to interact with social networks, watch video, participate in surveys, polls etc.

Some data in cookie-files may be provided to third persons having permission from the web resource exclusively for the given purposes.

Targeting cookie-files can be used by the Website to provide content required for the User (following the recommended material in order to avoid recurrent show, efficiency evaluation of informational/marketing campaigns, information on the User's visiting other resources when following the links and other Website personalization parameters). They are stored on the User's Device between the browser sessions. The Website can share this information with third persons, including media clients, advertisers, agencies and partners for improving quality of services provided by the Website.

Tracking pixels ("pixels", "web beacons" or "empty GIF-images") - are electronic files which as a rule consist of a one-pixel image and can be integrated into a separate web page or an e-mail to send information. The Website shall have the right to use pixels for placing or recognition of cookie-files on the User Device if he/she uses the Website services.

2. Purposes of Data Processing with Cookie-Files

2.1. The User confirms that the Website lawfully uses the information about the User collected with the help of cookie-files, for the purposes specified in the Regulation, notably:

2.1.1.  Using the Website. The Website uses the data collected via cookie-files in order to arrange efficient interaction of the User with the Website.

2.1.2.  Analytics. The Website uses information collected via cookie-files for analysis of its use and preparation of Website use reports; in addition, the Website does it in order to track how the Users arrange their work with the Website in order to improve the Website quality and user-friendliness.

2.1.3.  Targeted advertising. The Website uses information collected via cookie-files to provide targeted advertising; if necessary, the Website will request prior agreement to place cookie-files for this purpose. Then the User who gave such an agreement can cancel it any time by browser cache flush or deleting the cookies-files from the browser.

2.1.4.  Market research. The Website uses information collected using cookie-files for marketing research (such as analysis of market segmentation or trends, preferences and behavior, research of products or services, marketing or advertisement efficiency etc.) or product development (for example, analysis of properties of a market segment or group of clients or our Website efficiency in order to improve it).

3. Storage of cookie-files

3.1. Taking into account the differences in the session and persistent cookie-files (session cookie-files exist only until the User closes the browser, and persistent cookie-files are not deleted automatically when the browser is closed), the Website arranges its work in order to use or allow using cookie-files with a life cycle not more than 5 years. A cookie-file may exist longer only in solitary cases, for example, for the purposes of security (to detect fraud etc.), and only when it is absolutely necessary.

3.2. If the User has questions on the specific periods of cookie-files storage, he/she may send a respective request to the authorized people of the Website according to the procedure provided in para. 6.1. hereof.

4. Managing cookie-files

4.1. If the User is concerned by the presence of cookie-files on the Device, he/she may adjust the browser so as to refuse from cookie-files or to get informed when a cookie-file is installed (which would allow the User to make an independent decision on what to do with it). The User will as well be able to delete the cookie-files from the Device.

4.1.1. The User confirms that he/she is aware that if cookie-files are blocked or deleted some of the Website functions will probably work incorrectly.

4.2. The main browsers are set for automatic reception of cookie-files, thus to turn them off the User can use the help feature in the Device browser, taking into account the information on specific browsers given below (configuration settings of cookie-files for browsers on mobile Devices may be different):

4.2.1. Google Chrome  —

4.2.2. Opera  —

4.2.3. Mozilla Firefox  —

4.2.4. Safari for macOS  —

4.2.5. Information on other browsers can be independently found in the Web.

4.3. In most cases the browser allows automatic saving of cookie-files on the Device. Full-scope work with the Website can be accessed only when using cookie-files, and their turning off can lead to limited access to the content and to inadequate functioning of the Website services.

4.4. At recurrent visiting of the Website by the User, cookie-file data is updated. If the User does not turn on the use of cookie-files (intendedly deletes all cookie-files from his/her browser), at further visiting of the Website it will be suggested once again to the User to turn on and use the cookie-files.

4.5. Information about Users obtained via cookie-files is not sold and is not distributed in public domain, and is the property of the person owning the respective resource.

4.6. If the User wants to refuse from using cookie-files but did not manage to do it independently through browser settings, he/she may address the authorized representatives of the Website according to the procedure established in para. 6.1. hereof.

5. Cookie-Files of Third Party Services and Interaction of the Website with Third Persons

5.1. In order to improve the quality of services provided to the Users, the Website uses services which are the property of third persons (Facebook, AlphabetInc., Twitter, Instagram etc.) and can use cookie-files on the User's device during his/her stay at the Website. In these cases the Website cannot influence the work of cookie-files used by third persons, but all the required data on such cookie-files can be obtained on the web-pages (websites) of such persons.

5.2. When the User uses the services, codes of other Internet resources and third persons can be present on the Website pages. As a result such Internet resources and third persons can receive separate data from the User. Therefore, such Internet resources can receive and process information about that the User visited these pages, as well as other information transferred by the User's browser (banner showing systems, plugins of social networks etc.). If the User does not want the abovementioned services to get access to his/her data, the User can exit his/her account or profile and delete cookie-files of the browser at his/her own discretion.

5.3. Using the abovementioned services can be required by the Website for quick analysis of website visiting, internal and external evaluation of the Website visiting, visit depth and User activity. The data received from the abovementioned services are not saved or processed by the Website.

5.4. If the User has any questions on what cookie-files are used and which third persons process them, he/she can address the authorized people of the Website according to the procedure provided in para. 6.1. hereof.

6. Addressing

6.1. Addressing of the Users on any issues related to cookie-files and (or) this Regulation (with questions, remarks, claims, suggestions etc.), are received by the authorized representative of the Fund at the e-mail address or by the telephone number +995322193321

6.2. Additionally, Users may address questions on cookie-files through the Website via personal message, sending an e-mail or in any other form not forbidden by the Law.