Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Assistance program for people in need of treatment

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Mold and rot poison the children's lungs!!!

Help the people in need


Help the people in need

When I have hands, I will hug you all day, my dear Mommy!

Help the people in need

If thief will come here, he will cry with pity

Help the people in need

Heart, don't stop, keep beating!

Help the people in need

Don't let me die! Please! I want to live! I am so young!

Help the people in need

The greatest happiness in the world is when you can walk on your own!

Help the people in need
Social vulnerability in Georgia

Choose a region, find someone who is next to you!

According to the UN, living on $1.9 a day is the extreme-poverty threshold. According to the National Statistics Office of Georgia an average subsistence minimum in Georgia is $1.84 per person per day. This is less than in most African countries.

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Guardian angel

Sign up for monthly giving program and make the wishes of the children come true - the main thing is your help to come from heart to heart. Become a guardian angel for our little beneficiaries and guide them in the journey of their life.

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Wishes of the children

Have you ever tasted tears? 8-year-old Lizi says that when she got the gift she dreamed of, sweet tears wept from her eyes! Now you will know that the tears of boundless happiness taste sweet! Thank you, friends, because it is your merit that little Lizi is now a princess!

Make dream come true

Help those who needs treatment

The goal of the program is to involve all of Georgia in helping people who have faced terrible diseases that they cannot cope with on their own.

Help those in need

Needs of beneficiaries

On this page you can find a list of what the people in need would call God's gift!

Toys, furniture, and even linen may not be new, but they must be clean and in good condition. Do it with your big and kind Georgian heart, so that the Lord appreciates your nobility!

Make a gift

Please open your heart to your neighbors - they need your help!

Become a donor in the monthly giving program and fulfill the wishes of the children - the main thing is your help to come from heart to heart.

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