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It is not the setting for a horror film! Georgian children live in this house, and soon they might get buried under its rubble.


A dog's life has hunched me!


Probably they will find us in ruins…


All people want happiness. My happiness is my child! I will never leave him! Otherwise, his death will be on my conscience!


If I will die, who is going to take care for the graves of my late husband and my three kids?


We will be eaten by bedbugs, or we will starve to death

Help the people in need

When death is sweeter than life

Help the people in need

Baby is tormented by “fire and knives” in her throat! She doesn't want to live anymore!!!

Help the people in need

God forbid anyone to live with a stroke and breast cancer on 50 lari!

Help the people in need

After all my relatives had gone to the grave, a stroke came to me. I don't know why I'm still alive! Pray for me, good people!

Help the people in need
Help your neighbor and get closer to God

Friend, lend a helping hand to your neighbor and the Lord will see your soul, He will never leave you in difficult times. These are not just words! The proof of this is everything that I received as a gift from God!

Leonid Chernovetskyi

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How the Chernovetskyi Fund started working in Georgia
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The Lord is our witness to how we will deal with the old and the sick

Friends, let me introduce them - these are our mothers and grandmothers! It so happened that in old age, we have become sick people, and our children either starve or just left us to die. We have only sickness! But we have a heart and soul, and we will pray for everyone who will lend us a helping hand! We suffer a lot, and we’re not guilty of anything We are the closest to God among all your acquaintances because God says that when we are old, he will take care of us through good people. He will hear our prayers! Please help us and be blessed!!!

Make dream come true

Children’s wishes

We are little Georgian citizens. We are the children of Georgia, and we want to live like children, eat like children, eat sweets at least sometimes, play with toys, roller-skate and bike, go to school not dressed in rags, but well-dressed like all other Georgian children. We are good! It is true! When we grow up, we will help you too. We are kind...! And we believe in God!

Make dream come true

The place where the dreams of little angels come true



They will perish without our help

The goal of the program is to involve all of Georgia in helping people who have faced terrible diseases that they cannot cope with on their own.

Help those in need

Needs of beneficiaries

On this page you can find a list of what the people in need would call God's gift!

Toys, furniture, and even linen may not be new, but they must be clean and in good condition. Do it with your big and kind Georgian heart, so that the Lord appreciates your nobility!

Make a gift
Social vulnerability in Georgia

Choose a region, find someone who is next to you!

According to the UN, living on $1.9 a day is the extreme-poverty threshold. According to the National Statistics Office of Georgia an average subsistence minimum in Georgia is $1.84 per person per day. This is less than in most African countries.

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beneficiaries since 2012

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