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Expressions of gratitude from those whose lives you saved

Friends, if you are watching these videos expressing gratitude from people you have helped, do not forget to pray for them! God opens the eyes of His good people to the misfortunes of others in order to fulfill what is written for us in the Bible: "...If you help the poor, you are lending to the Lord"

Expression of thanks from the Tatanashvili family
My doctors, my fans, kind people! I’m not exaggerating - you really resurrected my dead son... It is your merit that I don’t wear mourning now and I keep fighting for my son’s recovery,” - Iza - Giorgi's mother - says with tears in her eyes coming back from the hospital.
Expression of thanks from the Shengelia family
“Have you ever seen such a huge TV? You can't even hug it! And they show the most interesting cartoons there! Not the same as usual, but beautiful and funny!"
Expression of thanks from the Engoyan family
“You gave joy to my son, and this is priceless! He has become much more active, he is always in a good mood, and this is thanks to your help and support! “
Expression of thanks from the Iarajuli family
“When my daughter first called me mom, I burst into tears! It was my happiest day! We both cried with happiness. It was so exciting! And this is only your merit."
Expression of thanks from the Bakhturidze family
“Although I believe that miracles exist, and the fact that you appeared in the life of our family proves that. I know, I’ll never get healed, but I believe that God will help me... It's just that I'm not so scared now. You will take care of my children, won't you?"
Expression of thanks from the Mamulashvili family
“You gave us a holiday! At such moments you start to believe in miracles! Our whole life has changed only thanks to you. A real miracle happened to us. And I don't know how to thank you!"
Expression of thanks from the Nazarashvili family
A holiday has come to our family thanks to caring people. Little Nini now confident that we will always have whatever we want. Friends, you gave her this confidence and happiness!
Expression of thanks from the Tamazashvili family
“Do you remember, my children asked you why Santa didn’t come to them? Now they are sure that it’s he who sends kind Georgians with gifts to us! My little ones believe in miracles again!"
Expression of thanks from the Elbakidze family
“For the first time we fell asleep on the couch, not on the floor. And we have a TV. All our dreams will come true. And Lizi will become a famous doctor and will cure a lot of people, probably also those who saved us from starving to death in such difficult times."
Expression of thanks from the Chabukiani family
“It’s hard to believe that a few months ago the children didn’t even have a crumb of bread at home, it’s hard to imagine that they only saw food in the store! And now they have a new refrigerator full of delicious yummies!"
Expression of thanks from Lana Maziashvili
“When the Chernovetskyi Fund appeared in my life, it felt like I was born again. They never noticed and heard me before, but now everything has changed! I was even offered a job! They even offered me a job! Can you believe that? It feels like I’m dreaming. How do you manage to do that? It’s incredible!”
Expression of thanks from the Gabidauri family
"Is that possible? Do we also deserve love and care? For the first time in many years of resentment and disappointment, my children and I felt that someone needed us... Whatever my blood relatives did not give me, I received from complete strangers!"
Expression of thanks from the Giorgadze family
“Dad went to football. Our team, “Dila” from Gori, played there. And I watched this game on my new tablet, which you gave me. When dad came, I told him how it was. He didn't expect it. You know how cool it is!”
Expression of thanks from the Eradze family
“We used to have absolutely nothing. I just wanted to cry and die, but now we want to get to the capital and visit a beauty salon!"
Expression of thanks from the Berizde family
I used to be sad, but now there is a reason to have fun! Look how many new things they gave us! A TV set, and a car, and a stove, and a chest of drawers for mom! And most of all we like the TV with "cockroaches"!
Expression of thanks from the Mamuladze family
Candy rain!!! This is what can make even the most unfortunate child happy! And this is what we gave to four kids.