Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Beneficiaries' needs

Dear friends! We, employees of the Fund, witness so much grief and suffering every day that our hearts bleed. 

42,000 God-loving Georgians - mostly ordinary people - share this heartache with us and financially help the unfortunate ones.

Friends, thank you very much for this!

Besides money, these unfortunate people need lots of basic things, which may be insignificant for all of us, but are vital for them and can just prolong their life.

On this page you can find a list of what poor people call God's gift! 

Toys, furniture and even linen may not be brand-new, but should always be clean and in good condition. Do it with all of your big and kind Georgian heart, so that the Lord will see your generosity! Do you remember what is written in the Scripture?“Lending your helping hand to one who suffers, you help not him, but Me!" Be blessed!

In order to make you fully feel how important your help is, we advise you to choose a specific family right on our website and even a specific person to whom you want to make a gift. Or you can entrust it to us. We will immediately report to you with a photo and a letter of gratitude from the beneficiary.

Diapers for children and adults

Wet sanitary napkins

Blood pressure monitors

Oxygen saturation monitors

It is not a problem if you cannot buy the new devices. Our beneficiaries will be happy to accept used ones, but in good condition.


Anti decubitus mattresses


For these unfortunate people wheelchairs are as same as legs are for us – the healthy people. Can you imagine how much joy you can give them by giving them wheelchairs? They will be able to go outside, breathe in some fresh air, look at the sun, raise their hands to the sky and thank the Lord for your generosity. Even used wheelchairs can bring joy to people who had spent years within their four walls with no opportunity to go outside.




Can you imagine that in some large families there is only one chair, and they sit on it in turns? Do you find this is impossible?! But that really happens! We have seen that many times. If you have some extra chairs at home or want to renovate your interior, please feel free to give them to people in need - your old furniture may be very useful to someone.



Books for kids

Clothes for kids

Shoes for kids (sizes 27- 37) 

Bicycles and tricycles

Maybe your kids grew up and don't want to ride their bicycles anymore? They have new hobbies now, and you have no idea where to store this bulky thing? Friend, there are children who can only dream about bicycles. They see dreams about how they ride bikes. Can you imagine what nice words this child will have for you when they grow up and will be recalling their childhood?


Walking sticks


Bath seats

Special chairs

Any furniture will do. Friends, if the Lord blessed you with a new and modern one. If you replace your old furniture with new one, do not forget about those who sleep on the floor, who have no place to put their clothes, who do not even have a table or chairs. Friends, this really happens.

We are sure that most of you do not set a goal to go down in history of this or that Georgian family and its members. And yet everyone has such an opportunity today! Friends, we are grateful to God that we have the honor to offer you make such an incredible noble deed in your life!