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Chernovetskyi Charity Fund


Any person who needs any kind of help can apply to the Fund. The Fund helps large families and low-income families, children and adults, people with disabilities, elderly people living alone, as well as seriously ill patients, with the exception of those who need treatment abroad. In this case, we rely on our capabilities and the help of the people of Georgia.

A prerequisite for providing help is the publication about the problem on social networks and a thorough check of all documents!

It is not necessary. If you are in a difficult situation, your status has been suspended or there are problems with obtaining it, you can also address the Fund.

The easiest way is to ask friends or neighbors to contact the Fund on your behalf or call the Fund's hotline: +995322193321

The Fund manages the raised funds in accordance with the needs of the beneficiary based on specially developed procedures preventing any deception on the part of people who have applied for help! 

In no case do we transfer cash to the beneficiary, as we cannot guarantee how exactly he will dispose of them. We do not know his habits and do not advise anyone to give cash. Because of bad habits (for example, of parents or adult children), irreparable grief may occur, children or other people may suffer, and help will not be provided.

Assistance is provided exclusively in a non-cash form by buying necessary things, clothes, electronics for children, paying utility bills or rent, and much, much more. In case of payment for the surgery, the money is transferred to the hospital’s account.

The Fund takes families in need as a ward until their problems get resolved!

The Fund may refuse to provide help to the applicant in the following cases: 

- the information provided by the applicant turned out to be unreliable;

– the applicant refused to provide the requested documentation (Form No. 100, calculation);

– the applicant refused to take photos and/or videos or to publish materials;

- the applicant was convicted of fraud.

The Fund does not pay off debts to banks or individuals, and does not lend money! 

A post about the problem, a report and a video will be published on the Fund's website https://chernovetskyifund.ge/en/  and on all social platforms of the Fund https://www.facebook.com/ChernovetskyiFund , https://www.instagram.com/chernovetskyi.fund/, https://t.me/ChernovetskyiFund. Our followers in Georgia and our compatriots living abroad will see them. 

The applicant should briefly describe the essence of the problem that bothers him and indicate his contact details.

The application can be submitted by any acquaintance, friend, relative, family member of the beneficiary, any interested person or person who cares about the beneficiary.

You will get feedback within 2-5 days after submitting an application and providing your contact details. If we did not contact you within this time, it means that your request was incorrect, and you application was automatically rejected. 

If your application is rejected, you will be notified of this.

Once assistance has been provided, the beneficiary can reapply after six months.

Yes, the beneficiary can cancel the application before the first visit of the Fund's employee. It is not possible to delete a post which was already published. 

A family member who does not want to participate in the video capturing may refuse to be captured, but he should explain the reason for the refusal.

If getting help is vital and a person's life depends on it, help can be provided immediately, by decision of the founder of the Fund. In other cases - help will be provided within a month after the funds are raised. 

No.The Fund is responsible and obliged to report to benefactors for every lari that is sent via the accounts of the Fund. Therefore, the raised funds are spent in accordance with the established procedure. We never hand out cash.

No, because you receive these goods from the Fund as a gift.

The Fund is audited annually in compliance with the strictest international standards. It is costly! But our credibility is more valuable for us! Only the most famous companies in the world pass such an audit. You can always see the transparency of the Fund's activities by visiting the "Reports" section of the website following the link:


You can find the list of items our beneficiaries need following the link: 


The contact details of the beneficiary are always indicated at the end of the article after the interview. You can also write a comment at our Facebook page or pm us, asking your question. Employees of the Fund will provide you with requested information. 

The list of groceries and other items the beneficiary needs is always indicated at the end of the post after the interview. You can donate the following non-perishable groceries to the beneficiary: flour, cereals, grains and legumes, vegetable oil, pasta, sugar, salt, canned food, tea, biscuits, etc.

Depending on the quantity and quality of the items, the Fund can help with transportation in exceptional cases. 

If you have items you would like to donate to families in need, please contact us by phone at +995-322-19-33-21 or fill out the form on our website.

If the donation cannot be used in a way determined by the benefactor (completion of fund raising for a specific project at the time of receiving the donation) and the benefactor has not stated his preferences (refunding of the donation or permission to transfer the funds to another needy beneficiary) in writing, the donation is spent for the statutory purposes of the Fund.

Yes, you can participate in any project that arouses sympathy in you without registering on the Fund's website!

Registration on the site is provided by us for regular benefactors, so that information about the grief of their compatriots gets into their social feed faster than others.

All possible payment methods are indicated for each of the projects on the Fund's website You can subscribe for a "monthly payment" or "annual payment". You can also choose to provide assistance on an ongoing basis to a child or an elderly person. We work for the sake of embodying the divine idea of helping our neighbor, and we are absolutely sure the Creator sees our deeds!

This button means that you will receive an email notification when assistance is provided to this family.

No problem, you can transfer money in any currency! That’s why we provide information regarding the various global payment systems.

The goal of the Fund is to bring as many people as possible to God (Gospel of Matthew 25:35–36, 40). If you want to do it in this way, we will be happy! In response, our Fund will send you a photo report on handing over your gift. 

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