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The fund helps the most miserable people, those people who cannot take care of themselves 

independently. We know from experience, that any of us can find himself someday in such a situation. 

But more often we see people in such situations, who are on pension, invalids, large family members, homeless

people, and people with dependencies. The fund employees, to help people in need, do not require

documentation that identify person’s identity. The fund believes in a principle that “ If you came to us, then you

need our help”.  

We don’t ask questions. We understand everything already. 

Go to the any projects on the fund’s web-site. Find a button that says “Become a volunteer”. Fill in the application and we will contact you.

We are anxiously waiting for you! Until we meet. 

Publications, articles, photo, audio and video materials, etc. published at the webpage of the Charity Fund “Social Partnership” https://chernovetskyifund.ge, and also at https://www.facebook.com/ChernovetskyiFund are the intellectual property of  the Charity Fund “Social Partnership”, which is protected according to the acting legislation.

Use the materials allocated at the above-indicated webpages in other publishing, Internet, television and radio, and other media, is allowed only with reference to the precise primary source.

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