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Chernovetskyi Charity Fund




Six years ago, I came to the Fund as a volunteer, working for free, aspiring to help people. But an investor of the Fund noticed me and offered to teach me to become a manager!

Our goal is to get entire Georgia involved in charity, and every day we follow the example of Leonid Mikhailovich in his energy and ability to work.

I realized that the head of a charity fund should be able to say “No” to those, who are trying to deceive us and our noble benefactors throughout Georgia, and from the bottom of his heart to keep helping, those who are unhappy!


Senior Social Worker

Работаю в Фонде Черновецкого с 2015 года. За это время навестил около 1000 грузинских семей! Абсолютно всех наших бенефициаров знаю в лицо и со многими подружился! Благодаря Леониду Черновецкому, - увидел своими глазами столько горя и слез на моей Родине - Грузии…!

Господи, не дай Бог кому оказаться в тех ситуациях, что я повидал! Для меня эта работа дело чести. Оценивать ситуацию, выявлять мошенников и определять, в чем нуждаются люди, со временем стало моей главной задачей.



The Chernovetskiy Fund is not just a job for me - this is my life.
We are building a bridge between benefactors and those who need their help, those who have lost faith in goodness.
We are fully committed to the Fund's mission to "open people's hearts to God."
Do not close your eyes to someone else's pain - open your hearts to God.



For eight years of work, the Chernovetskyi Fund has earned a solid reputation in Georgia and my work as an accountant, under the supervision of a highly experienced Evgenia Melgunova, brings a huge contribution to the reputation of the Fund. I am personally responsible for each penny spent. And, you know, we are doing well! The world's most famous auditing company - Ernst & Young - from year to year proves our honesty and transparency in working with investors! I'm so proud of it... Really!

It is a great honor for me to work at the Fund, working side by side with real professionals.



Working at the Chernovetskyi Fund has always been my dream and goal. I am happy that a piece of my heart goes to every family in need in Georgia, the Chernovetskyi Fund is helping! I was very lucky.

Thank you for that!


Social Worker

Having read by chance one of the posts of the Chernovetskyi Fund on FB, I decided to get acquainted with other ones, and after reading another post, sobbing, I took the phone to transfer some money to these poor and unfortunate people. It was then that I decided that I wanted to work not just in a charity fund, but in the Chernovetskyi Fund. I was amazed by the huge number of projects and the invaluable help that the Fund provided to many families and especially to the home care beneficiaries. I dreamed to become a part of this team, helping people, and being useful to society…

And finally, my finest hour has come - in response to my resume, Evgenia called me, and I was in seventh heaven. More than a year has passed, but emotions still overwhelm me. I am so proud of working for the best charity fund in Georgia. Well, not only of Georgia, the best one in the world!



I am very pleased to work in a close-knit team of professionals dedicated to helping the community, which is in dire need of this help.

Of course, it is not easy to see the suffering of people. But when you realize that they will not be left in trouble and that the good people will lend a helping hand to them, it gives you strength and faith in goodness.