Chernovetskyi Charity Fund


You can not even imagine how many such unhappy people around us, how many abandoned, insulted, humiliated and forgotten, abandoned to the mercy of fate
₾ 170

Lonely old people are a test for the sense of conscience of the state and its society! It is frightful to think of how many lonely old people there are today in Georgia. And many of them have children and grandchildren, but still they are starving and living their last years in loneliness, hunger and cold; they are crying of their already-lived life and of the fact that now they are as stray dogs looking into the hands of good people and waiting for charity.

You even cannot imagine how many such miserable people surround us, how many there are betrayed, insulted, abject and forgotten people abandoned to their fate... Only our program "Home Care" numbers more than 600 lonely people who are bedridden with various illnesses and a heavy heart. Our staff has been taking care of them for already 5 years, and it has become almost native to these people.

The number of our lonely old beneficiaries is growing day-by-day, and only with joint efforts of people with a big heat and a kind soul we will manage to embrace them with kindness and help!

For this reason we urge the benefactors to take under their supervision one old person from the number of our beneficiaries who have no children and for whom our care could be a big relief and could extend their lives! Believe us, you will become their savers, and for sure they will pray to God for that you and your family would have a better life!!

Dear Friends, most likely among you there are those who lost their beloved granny, granddad, mother... surely, you miss them very much... you miss their warmth, their care and attention... You would give away everything in the world in order to have a chance to give them one more hug, to touch their wrinkled warm hands with your cheek. And do you know how many grannies and granddads are deprived of such love? Become native to them.