Chernovetskyi Charity Fund


It is hard to imagine a destiny more horrible than lonely old age: a person feels betrayed and unnecessary.
₾ 11,977.01

Illnesses accumulated over the long years of life remind of themselves every second, domestic worries become penal servitude, and there is nobody to ask for help.

Dear friends, you have a chance to provide material help to these people, to warm their souls, to fill their hearts with light and love.

These people are waiting for your vital help! They are waiting for it as for a breath of fresh air, as any procrastination can lead to deplorable consequences. So take under your supervision a lonely and helpless granny whose heart will be totally yours from now on!

The stories about our lonely old beneficiaries are posted on our website.

  To adopt a parent you can transfer an amount for the name of the person you would like to support, and we will regularly report to you about the help which was provided to the helpless old people.