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I don't have any friends. And I ask God to make me someone's friend!

“After all, I have no friends, and I really want to be someone else’s girlfriend!”
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So the little Princess Nino answered us when we literally begged her to ask for something for herself for the New Year from Father Frost. At the same time, she did not let go a battered doll from her white, delicate hands! And held it tightly but very tenderly against her tender childish heart! She hugged it as a favorite friend. She is very shy. She is so beautiful but suffering from epilepsy!
And when, after much persuasion, the girl looked up at us with her big black eyes, she began to cry and admitted that she really wanted another doll: "I don't have any friends, and I want to be someone's friend! I want play with someone so much." And she started crying so bitterly!

And caring mother Lela took her away from us and told us that the girl had been suffering since birth, in addition to epilepsy, and incontinence, and curvature of the ankles. And her only dream in this World was to run and play with her friends. But who among the children in the district would understand the suffering of a child. She cannot walk by herself. And none of the kids in the neighborhood visit her. Oh, these kids... Most of them don't know and can't understand others' pain!

Nino's mother and father are good Christian people.  And they pray a lot... They believe that the Lord will not leave their little angel in trouble. After all, it is not for nothing that God gave them to her as parents: they are so loving and caring!

– Lela, tell us about Nino.

Lela: Nino is a very talented, smart and cheerful girl. She loves us and her doll Maya very much (laughs), but to be honest we have a very difficult life. Since birth she started having problems. After emergency operations on her ankles, Nino had another problem, urinary incontinence. And when she was a year and a half old, she started having epilepsy. Today, she needs surgery on her tonsils, but because of her seizures, doctors refuse us and say that in order not to put her life in danger, we need a good specialist, and we do not have the funds for a good doctor. Recently, she is very often ill. She has high temperature, and when she coughs she suffocates…

And suddenly Lela switched to a whisper…

– What's the matter, we were worried!

"We also have Nino's uncle in the house. He is also mentally ill. God forbid he should hear that I'm crying... Oh... What will happen... He'll get hysterical! She paused. We went to the other side of the room…

– Where do you find money for living?

Lela: The state gives us a little money as a social security and a pension for Nino... But if Nino's aunt, Lia, had not helped us, we probably wouldn't have lived now. She is the kindest-hearted woman! God grant everyone such a relative! God grant her health!

My husband is a laborer... Trying his best. But there is no permanent job in our district. Sometimes he works for a penny for days! He wants to go abroad all the time. To bring money! But no. I will never let him go. The family should not be destroyed. My children, first of all, need a healthy and caring father! And not once a year for a week, but always! Forever. I do not know what can happen to him abroad! We are slaves there...! I've heard a lot about it from my neighbors…

– Lela, what do you need and would you like to tell our readers?
Lela: First of all, I am glad to wish them all a happy New Year! And let their children never get sick!

I find it very difficult to ask for anything! But it's not for myself: I invited you because of Nino! You can see for yourself... Because of her illness, we buy 4 packs of diapers a month, which are very expensive. We do not have a washing machine, and even when it is cold I wash our clothes and underwear in the yard... And I do not have a change of linen either... And a very big problem for us is food. My husband and aunt Lia work day and night so that the baby has at least food... Only thanks to their inhuman labor can we somehow feed our little daughter. It is very difficult to look at our little Princess, and see in her eyes that she would like to go to the yard to run and laugh, and this is the most difficult thing for a parent to see this and to have no possibility to help! In addition to everything, it is very difficult for us to live with the uncle... Communication with him does not always end well.

– Lela, can you tell us what we could do to please the child for the New Year?

Lela: She loves to draw green grass and the sun! I would be very happy with color paper, scissors and pencils... Would you like her to draw for you and your readers? She imagines that she runs with her friends on the grass under the sun, and she holds her doll Maya in her hands, so that, God forbid, she does not get sick and does not pee. After all, she doesn't have any diapers for Maya yet.

Dear friends, Chernovetskyi Fund initiates a charitable action: to help little Princess Nino! As you know, the Fund does not stop at one-time assistance. We really want that Georgia has the happiest children! We also need money for an operation to remove Nino's tonsils. And, of course, real friends.

Ask your children to call Nino, show them her photo and a photo of Nino's favorite daughter, Maya. Let them make friends! After all, the devil always comes to sick children with terrible loneliness. Nino must have a phone and a computer!

The girl's family is in dire need of food, hygiene products, medicines and household appliances! Nino's mother was shy to name everything. But we saw it for ourselves. And I can't tell you how terrible it was!!! Help this family to survive, friends! This is important not only for them, but even more important for us! And don't forget about Nino's new kids: dolls. Otherwise, her Maya may also get sick from old age.

And you can also get acquainted with Nino, and personally give her any possible help! Visit her with your children, and God will bless and reward you! Here's their contact number: 599 05 22 21 Address: Lanchkhuti Region, the village of Aketi.

And be sure to repost our publication. Let all your friends know about the grief of this family! It is very important.

God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves. Please, do not pass aside the sorrow of others! Unhappy people are given to us from above so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!

Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend, do a Charitable deed, write to us by e-mail:

Our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003, GE42LB0115113036665000 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Nino Glonti). You can also transfer money from our website.

You can as well transfer money from the terminals of Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the additional rights and obligations of the Fund by following the link

And more, friends, be sure to find an opportunity to congratulate disadvantaged Georgians on holidays with kind words or postcards. And give toys or candies to the children, and in return they will send their smiles to you. We are all one family. We are few. But we are Georgians!


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