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If I have a computer, I will have friends
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If I have a computer, I will have friends

-Temur, what do you need to be happy?

Temur: Friends and computer.But if I don't have a computer, then I won't have friends.

- Why do you think so? You are such a good boy!You will certainly make friends even without a computer.

Temur: It is not so.

  • Why?

Temur: Because everyone makes friends with those children who have a computer. Children come to visit them: sometimes they play there, sometimes they watch movies, sometimes they laugh and have fun. The children have nothing to have fun at my home, so no one comes to me.

- Do not get upset Temur, you’ve got so much ahead! I am sure, you will certainly have a computer and your friends will come to visit you.

Temur: I don’t really believe this to happen.Computers are very expensive - I don’t think I will ever have it. Sometimes I think about starting to work somewhere and saving money, but I know that my mother will get very angry. She told me that children at my age should be close to their mother, and not work. But if you have no money - what else to do?

- Your mom is right.Don’t get upset, Temur.You are a very smart boy, and I think good people will make your dream come true.

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