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Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

The last wish of old and lonely Georgian

The last wish of old and lonely Georgian "children"

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There is so little time left! Hurry up to help, friend! 
Janiko Mzhavanadze, Mariam Zgaparadze, Venera Nikabadze, Giorgi Tomadze - they don’t need anything anymore ... But we could prolong their life, could let them live like human beings, as they had not lived for a long time. But it turned out we were too late!
Let's at least pray today for their souls, friends. This is very, very important.
 These sweet old people were taken by death. We tried so much to make the last days of their lives easier for them. God knows - we did our best.
“When we were working on this post, they were still alive!  But we were too late!!! It is so sad ... We cannot justify ourselves in our conscience.” - You heard a voice that sounds very quiet. A voice that does not require help, that is embarrassed to ask ... 
“Who will help us when children are starving, young people are dying? Who needs us? Who will hear us? - these are the questions our old people have when we ask them what they need, what they dream about. But blessed is our country before the Lord! There are still people in Georgia who can hear not only with their ears, but with their hearts! You have already given happiness to Jumber Kashakashvili, Tina Balakhadze, Omar Kvenitadze, Manana Kokoshvili! You extended their life, made them feel like human beings!
Galaktion and his 97-year-old mother, blind Diana, amputee Malkhaz and 98-year-old Maria are still waiting for their guardian angels. We are sure that you are the guardian angel! There are few of them left. We must take care of those who have no one else to take care of them! Follow the link: 
Please, don’t forget to repost it. Let your friends take part in this good deed.
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We have good news: now you can read the stories of our beneficiaries on Instagram: and Telegram:
Even if you dial once this special number, it might save someone's life: 0901 200 270! God bless you!