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Friends, look how happy the old and sick children of the Fund are with your gifts
Friends, look how happy the old and sick children of the Fund are with your gifts
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Friends, look how happy the old and sick children of the Fund are with your gifts

Those of the elderly who can, will certainly raise a toast at 24-00 to your health with medicines bought with your donations! It is such happiness when the pain subsides at least for a while!

Our Fund wants to ask you, friends, to raise a glass of wine with us so that every new day in the life of these wonderful people will be filled with our love, care and, most importantly, respect!!! Because Georgia has always been famous for its respect for the elders!

Good luck to everyone in the New Year 2023! 

The smell of a Christmas tree and mandarin oranges, friends and relatives gathered at the festive table, bright flashes of fireworks, congratulations and wishes of happiness and good luck, gifts and merry laughter - this is a common scenario for the New Year celebration for us.

But, unfortunately, not everyone can celebrate this day like that. There are many unfortunate people around us who not only have no means to set the festive table but do not even dare to dream of an ordinary dinner.

We know many such sad stories, we have many lonely and destitute elderly people under the care of the Fund, who feel lost during the holidays. When everyone is having fun, they hide their heads under the pillow and cry. 

These are exactly the people that we have no right to ignore; we should make them happy first of all! We brought them a little: Chichilaki, sweets, fruits, meat and dairy products that they dreamed about for so long. You should have seen it - they were happy with gifts just like children. There were tears of joy, and hugs, and wishes ... we want to share these emotions with you. 

We hope that this wonderful event will be a good start to the New Year, and the Lord will give joy and grace to our beneficiaries every day.

If you want to contribute to this charitable cause, you can transfer money to the Fund's accounts and even indicate an addressee of your donation! And it will be even better to visit your wards during the New Year and give them gifts made with all your heart, personally! You can read the stories of our elderly wards here!

Be happy and healthy too! And may the New Year 2023 be the most successful year for you! You deserve it!

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(Purpose: Festive event for the elderly) 

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