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Become a friend of the Fund! Bring joy to your heart!
Become a friend of the Fund
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Dear subscribers! We have decided to create a community of friends of the Fund on our website to further strengthen our connection with those of you who feel it necessary to support our new initiatives! To become real friends! Forever! We really want this!

And here's what we have come up with. (But, of course, we would gladly welcome your initiatives as well!)

As true friends, we will share important news from the world of charity, joys and challenges we face through social media! And you are always welcome to share your news with us. Anything at all! As a friend! We would love to hear from you! And if possible, to help... Up to publishing your problem in our social networks, which are read by the whole Georgia! 

And, of course, we will "hug" our new friends with various tokens of attention: providing you with the opportunity to share your thoughts on the pages of our social media, giving advice on various topics, rejoicing in your victories, and sharing your problems. All friends of the Fund who express the desire to do so can communicate with each other, either directly or through us. Here, you will definitely find like-minded individuals and soulful friends!

There will be other friendly signs of attention from our side! Our founder Leonid Chernovetskyi will invite 10 of our most active friends, who will prove themselves in this and other Fund’s programs, to a three-day trip - excursion to Jerusalem in October 2024, during the celebration of the Jewish New Year - Rosh Hashanah. We will do this publicly, consulting with you on who deserves such a trip!

And we won't stop at just this friendly gesture. There will be other happy news!

 “How can we become friends?”

So, what should a subscriber do to become a "Friend of the Fund"?

1. Make as many reposts as possible of our stories posted on the Facebook page. Especially reposts on other social platforms with a large number of followers!

2. Tell your 10 best friends about our Fund and ask them to repost our publications on Facebook.And, of course, let us know about it. 

3. Carefully review our website and point out any possible inaccuracies or suggest your creative ideas.

4. Find a socially disadvantaged family or an elderly person living alone near you and promise to visit them at least once a month to provide support through words or in any other way that is not burdensome for you, helping them cope with their hardships. And, of course, share this story with the Fund's employees or send it in messages.

5. Identify 10 of the most unfortunate individuals or families, in your opinion, and bring our attention to how we can assist them. Feel free to contact us using your preferred method of communication.

6. Share with our subscribers the saddest story you have encountered in life, according to your perspective, and how you participated in resolving the issues of the people you mentioned. Please submit the story to the indicated media channels, and we will proceed with publishing the Friend of the Fund's Story.

7. Regularly congratulate and send greetings for Christian and other holidays to 10 beneficiaries mentioned in our stories.  Please inform us in advance who those lucky individuals are, my friend, who will be receiving your greetings!

8. You can simply pray in a church for a specific disadvantaged beneficiary and record the whole or part of the prayer on video. Then send us the video and make sure to write in the comments what touched your soul.

9. Participants in the program must be over 18 years old.

The best videos and comments will be published on the social media accounts of the Leonid Chernovetskyi Fund and separately on Leonid Mikhailovich's personal social media, with your permission, of course.

Only subscribers of the Fund's website will participate in the competition because we won't be able to evaluate and announce the results otherwise! Once you fill out the "Become a Friend of the Fund" form, you will automatically become a subscriber to our website. So, hurry up and register in our program! 

Within the next month, we will establish a committee that will select the 10 lucky winners!  And every three months, we will publicly announce the results!

These steps are simple but will bring you closer to God. Believe us, doing good is easier than it seems, friends!