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Multi-child family of Lali Melqadze from village Tsnori

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year ago

Mrs. Lali and her husband Koba are unemployed. They have 5 minor children: Shota, Oto, Luka, Iakob иSofo. Their income consists of the social aid in the amount of 300 GEL and the monthly financial aid of the foundation in the amount 500 GEL. Two elder children go to school, two go to the kindergarten and the youngest is a few months old.

In addition to the monthly financial aid, the foundation ensured the summer vacations of Lali Melkadze’s family in Kobuleti, during 10 days. The children spent unforgettable time in Kobuleti.

If you wish to participate in the assistance of families with several children, please visit the link below and contribute in the assistance of our compatriots in order to promote their better future.

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