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In Kobuleti children boarding house welcomed the first beneficiaries

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year ago

In Kobuleti the boarding house named after General Mazniashvili started functioning.

The boarding house named after General Mazniashvili welcomed the pupils. The boarding house provides all the conditions required for studies, education and development of the children. Our highly qualified teachers will do their best in order to give the children happy and careless childhood. The parents will play significant role in their upbringing, as they will be actively  involved into the process of upbringing of the children. During the last 4 months the preparatory works have been carried out in order to bring the boarding house in compliance with the international standards of the material-technical base.

Special thanks to the social department of the Patriarchate of Georgia, which provided great support for our project and which actively assists us in management of the houses. The memorandum for the term of 10 years is drawn by and between the Patriarchate and the Fund, in the framework of which hundreds more children will receive assistance and support, - declares the Director of the Social Partnership Fund Giorgi Kvrivishvili.

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