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To improve child assistance the psychologist was staffed

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year ago

In Giorgi Mazniashvili boarding school in Kobuleti a psychologist is actively involved in care of children since January who works not only with the children but also with the tutors. She talks to the children on different topics, gets to know their interests, problems, helps them see their problems right, revels their skills with the help of different games. As you know the importance and the need of a psychologist is a topical issue in the environment where children are not with their parents every day, notwithstanding they are in permanent contact with them. The Fund gives the parents full freedom for constant communication with their children provided that they do not impede the children in learning process.  Private teachers visit the children since January and they will give intensive lessons in English, Russian and Mathematics.

The Fund is actively interested in revealing the children’s interests and skills in order to promote revealing each child’s skills and to help them in their development and growth.

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