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The children’s favourite TV anchorman Gogicha visited family type orphanage

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year ago

The family type orphanage of the Fund visited the children’s favourite TV anchorman Giorgi Gogichaihvili (nickname Gogicha) that made the children very happy. Gogicha brought them a very beautiful cake and they, like all children, love cakes and sweets very much. The guest got acquainted with the schedule of the children, their favourite activities, saw their paintings and liked them. The children showed the anchorman their bedrooms and the room for toys. At the end our children showed the guest how they can dance and sing and won applause from him.

Gogicha promised the children that when he has a possibility he would invite them to his show.

The Fund expresses great thanks to Giorgi Gogichaishvili and all those who show their attention and kindness towards beneficiaries of the Funs.

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