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Report on assistance of Guram Mgeblishvili

year ago

Dear friends, the beneficiary of “Social Partnership”, Guram Mgebrishvili, didn’t leave you indifferent with his story. 70 year old Guram is paralyzed and bed-ridden. His wife Lena takes care of him. She gives him water to drink from the bottle, feeds him, washes him, changes clothes…

The family had to sell everything they had due to illness of Mr. Guram. Now they live in a building of an old school.

Responsive people deposited 1287 GEL on the account of the Fund for support of Mr. Guram! With this money we bought necessary things, which they wouldn’t be able to buy without your help. Now Mr. Guram has a new bed. In former classrooms we installed a new iron door. We also bought kitchen equipment, hygienic means, products and a pressure measuring device.

Friends, we wish you to be so happy, as you made this poor family!

If you have an opportunity to help Mr. Guram one more time, you may deposit money on the account of the Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 and GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Guram Mgebrishvili) or direct on the web site of the Fund


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