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"Together - we are force"

year ago
Look at the picture. What do you see here? Correct numbers and badges. And for us they are  people, those who we saved from hunger, cold and, most importantly, loneliness. Here, in our large and cozy center, where all the amenities for a person - they are people !!! Here they are waiting for their new acquaintances and friends! And loneliness and disrespect kill a person. After all, he is not a stray dog ​​!!! These are people who realized that they were not alone, who believed that they were loved!
We believe that God is with us in our good works! He sends us benefactors and good people who can feel the sorrow of others!
If you want to help the next picture to have more people who have received assistance, you can transfer funds to support our beneficiaries to the GE15TB7194336080100003 Fund (appointment: Day Center) or pay directly from the Foundation website https://chernovetskyifund.ge/ru / projects / 196-daycenter /? utm_source = facebook & utm_medium = post & utm_campaign = infopost
You can donate money through the fast payment terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Go to the “Charity” section and select our Foundation.


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