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New Year’s Ration for Social Minorities

year ago

There are deeds, which do not require unnecessary words of explanation, there are also actions, which save somebody’s life. In such a time of year as New Year’s when people exchange gifts, present each other with care and attention, among the population there is still a critical problem of finding subsistence.  

Through its actions the Fund Social Partnership proved one more time as to how important is care for the population, which is poverty stricken. Close to New Year’s Eve, the Fund presented 224 poverty stricken citizens, with a table of food in the amount of 5208 GEL, and also the feeling of usefulness in the family during the holiday season.

Such support is an invaluable contribution in the business of saving peoples’ lives, who cannot provide for their own subsistence. We would like to somehow get everybody who can show support to the social minorities involved and force them to protect these people from the harsh reality of life.  


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