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On the basis of a contract between the government and the Fund Social Partnership on November 2013, 8 children from the orphanage, who were under the care of the Fund, were registered by the government. These children all came out of extremely poverty stricken and problematic families.

Our aim – to provide the children with a happy childhood and a good future. The signed agreement by the sides will give the Fund the opportunity to receive in the future monthly financial aid for each child from the orphanage, and this means that it will be able to ensure their future, which they deserve.

The Fund is doing all that is possible for ensuring the best possible conditions and good future for the foster children of our Orphanage, but the Fund would also like to turn to the rest, who can and have the will to help children without parental care to get back their happy childhood, disregarding the facts as to how unlucky they were previously in life. 

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