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I will not give my boy to death...

David has a very serious disease - panencephalitis and he is bedridden. The low-income family does not have a chance to treat him decently.
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"One cannot hide pain in his soul, and my heart is still crying... But today, for the first time over the last years, I felt the true force of compassion", — said the mother of 16-year old David Kiparoidze when we brought them medicines, hygiene products and tracheostomy tubes! And it was entirely your merit, dear friends!
It was a year ago, and now David needs help once again! And it is vitally important! The boy's condition got worse and now it is even hard for him to breathe!
David has a very serious disease - panencephalitis and he is bedridden. The low-income family does not have a chance to treat him decently. The teenager has frequent fits; he faints and feels horrible pain. The parents do not have financial possibility to provide the boy with proper treatment. Probably this is the most horrible thing in life of every mother!
David Kiparoidze used to be a healthy child, no signs of illness showed. The little boy danced in a dancing company, attended a football section, dreamed of becoming a deacon… On one unhappy day David felt sick at school, and for the first time he had convulsions. As told by his mother, the doctor explained it by the age of transition and prescribed medicines for epilepsy. In two years the convulsions repeated; the boy fainted this time, his condition worsened dramatically. Only abroad doctors managed to diagnose him with panencephalitis. It was a verdict! 
Today the condition of 16-year old David is overwhelming. The illness is progressing, he often has epileptic fits, he cannot breathe and the mother has to tear the boy out of the hands of death every other moment! The boy literally dwindles, and there is no way to wait for help.
The parents left their house in Surami village and moved to a rented apartment in Tbilisi with their son. The mother cannot leave her son even for a while, and the father earns small money by hard work. How can a tiny allowance help a family with such an ill person! When the fits start they cannot hold their son and call for ambulance which takes him to the clinic, otherwise he would just die. And such is every time. 
- I know that the illness can kill my son, but I believe that prayers of good people and their help will make my beloved David live! You have helped me already once, and in the hardest time in my life i pray you on my knees, help my son once again! I cannot struggle all alone any more... I will not give my boy to death, I will not give up... Help us, please...
Dear friends, now it is the very moment when the destiny of this teenager depends on our actions and our assistance. Let us do as our heart tells us! Let us alleviate his sufferings and stand beside him!
Now David needs a device to support his breathing. It will save the boy's life!
Let us not be shy of small donations! For such a purposes there are no such notion as a small donation – one lari makes a thousand which are so necessary in this struggle for life!
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