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13-year old teenager is struggling with death

13-year old Zura Imedashvili has been struggling with death for a year already.
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13-year old Zura Imedashvili has been struggling with death for a year already. He is in a rehabilitation department of a hospital, connected to an artificial lung, he does not see, hear or recognize anyone…   

When he was 7 months old he had measles, but then this illness did not rise any complications. Zura grew as a normal boy: he went to school, played with his friends and was very vivid. But when he was 11, strong headache seized him, every day it got harder for him to move, he lost his ability to hear and see…

As a result of medical examination he received a horrible diagnosis: encephalitis, i.e. brain fever, which became a consequence of the measles he had in early childhood.

Zura was moved from the Akhmeti Region to Tbilisi and put in the rehabilitation department of a hospital, where he still stays now. "My son's condition is very complicated. I hope only for God's help and for assistance of good people. We are doing everything possible, but we have run out of any reserves… The hospital pays for a part of the medicines, and we pay for another part. But how could we find more money?! We have no social allowance and our only income source is my son's pension," - says Nino Morchadze, the boy's mother.

Dear friends, now Zura Imedashvili needs hygiene products and expensive medicines most of all. His family is extremely poor and they have no possibility to pay for the boy's treatment. By showing our sympathy let us lend him a helping hand and support his family! Let God help you.

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