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"Mom, is that you?"

Two months after a coma, when there was almost no hope that he would survive, ”4-year-old Marad told his mother, Iamze, in intensive care!
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     Two months after a coma, when there was almost no hope that he would survive, ”4-year-old Marad told his mother, Iamze, in intensive care!
   For 4 years I was the happiest mother in the World. What a beautiful and healthy son I gave birth to. So proud! “Look,” says the unfortunate mother, speaking to us, isn’t he handsome. And gently, gently presses the beloved to his heart ...
   I don’t know who the damned. Maybe human envy. But 10 years ago a terrible thing happened - a huge passenger bus ran into our wagon. My love, my little blood-sucker, my little son, hit his beautiful little head on a cursed stone, ”the woman suddenly burst into tears,“ and is now paralyzed. ”
    But you know, when I hug him, he looks at me like that ...! And he says - "mom." Yes, I am his mother. And proud of it! And I will never give up while I am alive, no matter how difficult my own life! And I believe God! I believe that He will restore health to my son. After all, miracles do happen? Is it true? - crying, she asks, looking at us ...
    The son, Marad Shavadze, is a disabled person of the first group for more than 10 years, his body is almost paralyzed, has suffered trepanation of the skull, suffers from epileptic seizures, cannot talk. The only word he pronounces is “mom.”
“My husband and Marad,” Iamze tells the crying sad story of how this happened, when my son was 4 years old, “they returned home on the arba, a passenger bus was going towards,” says Iamze. For some reason, the horse was frightened of him and began to cross the road in a panic. The driver abruptly pressed the brakes, but it was already too late. The blow was so strong that the father and son fell out of the arba - the husband was in the pit, and my boy hit the stone with his head. Thank God, the bus driver and passengers jumped out of the car and rendered first aid, and then were taken to the Batumi clinic. After 2 weeks, Tamaz came out of a coma, and my son was in a coma for a long 60 days. ”
The father got off relatively easily, but lost his ability to work, but for a long time the doctors fought for the salvation of Marad. 4 complex operations, physical and mental suffering, sleepless nights, the expectation of death - these are what these people suffered, trusting only in God! The Lord heard the mother's prayer, two months later, Marad finally opened his eyes and said softly, barely audibly: "Mom, are you?"
-Iamse, tell me, what diagnosis was made to Marada?
Iamze: Condition after a traumatic brain injury, he removed a part of the bone of the skull, as a result of which the boy is paralyzed and lags behind in mental development.
-You then were not socially unprotected, but how did you manage to pay for operations and treatment, moreover, for two people? Was there insurance?
Iayamze: No, we didn’t have insurance, since there is no such “service” in our village. I sold the house and paid part of the cost, since there was no other way out. In total, it was necessary to pay 8,800 GEL for a husband and 24,000 GEL for a son. There was nowhere to take money from, what should I do? I decided to write a letter to the Rustavi 2 TV company to take part in the program “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”.
-And then what? Was there a positive answer?
Iayamze: A miracle happened, I was invited to the program. I have a 10-year education, but I really enjoyed reading and this knowledge helped me a lot. She won the game and won 20,000 GEL. Glory to you Lord, I have covered all the debt for the treatment of my dear people.
-You are a real heroine! How do you manage to watch two sick people? This is probably extremely difficult ...
Iamze: I’m ready to give my soul for them, but material poverty puts the wheels in the wheel. My husband is so weak that he barely moves, after an injury to his shoulder and leg, he can’t stand for a long time. I do all the hard work in the house, but how else? This is my maternal duty! But the husband, of course, helps, how can he cook the porridge for the child, give me the medicine, just sit next to him when I'm poking around in the garden ...
-What are the main problems Marad has at the moment?
Iamze: His skull is “open”, without bone, covered only by the skin of the head. He needs an operation that is done abroad. Of course, I don’t have money for this expensive operation. In addition, he needs a rehabilitation course, massage procedures. And now one more trouble - he was diagnosed with pneumonia. All our income goes to medicines and diapers ...
-And what is your income?
Iamze: 200 GEL - disability pension and 260 GEL - social benefits.
- Are you being helped, for example, by local authorities or relatives?
Iamze: The City Hall gives out twice a year money for medicines, 150 GEL each, also pays for our rented accommodation, annually sends my son for a 10-day vacation to a resort place. Relatives also help. They are wonderful with me, they themselves need, but as far as possible we are not forgotten. For example, they gave us a washing machine and a refrigerator. But we do not have a TV.
- Is it like there is no TV in the 21st century?
Iamze: My dear, we don’t have much. The furniture is decrepit, bedding is torn, dishes are battered ...
-Where did you meet your husband?
Iamze: He is a molar. We met at the neighbors, where he
raked their windows. We talked, then met in a village club, and love ensued. For 5 years they lived in abundance, happily, enjoyed life, raised a child, but the accident completely crossed out all our plans and put an end to our happy life.
-Iamze, what are you dreaming of?
Iamze: Of course, I dream that my son should stand on his feet. But for this you need to constantly pray and continue the struggle for his life. First, I do it all the time: I pray, I ask God to have mercy on us, to ease my son’s plight, but at the expense of the struggle for his life, it is becoming more and more difficult every day because of material need. I’ll tell you honestly, I have one dream - to have a car, at least an old one, at least a Lada. Do you know why I need this car? I will take my son to Batumi for examination, take him to the countryside, to some camp, so that he is not in prison, so that he can communicate with his peers ...
-You said that you often pray to God, and you have a saint whom you especially worship?
Iamze: When Maradu is very ill, Orthodox prayers always come to my aid. I especially respect St. Nicholas! Nikolai the Miracle Worker is our protector! When my boy falls asleep, I put a candle on him and ask him to give him a peaceful and calm sleep, to protect him from the evil of the devil.
Friends, any grief has a beginning and an end. And only the grief of the mother, looking at the dying child, knows no bounds. This family needs our urgent help. We are simply obliged to provide all possible assistance to them, we are Christians!
Call Iamza, from her lips learn about the urgent needs of Marad, cheer up this heroic woman. You can also visit and personally provide them with all possible assistance, and God bless you! And be sure to repost our post. Let your friends know about the grief of this unfortunate teenager! It is very important!
Here is the address: Lanchkhutsky district, Nigvziani village, tel .: 595912693.
Marad needs medicine, hygiene products, food, bedding, and his family needs a TV and household utensils.
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