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Story of boundless love and grief!

“Embracing the gravestone, I feel that I am still alive ... The love of my life rests here, my dear wife Tanyusha,” - 75-year-old Jumber bursts into tears. “She left and took away everything - my health, my heart, my soul. I became blind. Why do I need eyes if I would never see her again?” He buried everyone he once loved: his parents, brothers, sisters, and even some of his nephews. This is scary. But the loss of his beloved wife was a blow that he could not bear.
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    Jumber is blind, sick, lonely... He makes his way to the cemetery by touch - to kneel, stroke the ground and talk to her, to his Tanyusha. “Do you think I’ve gone crazy?” - he distracts from his thoughts and turns his unseeing gaze at us. “Why should I live? I am not picky: I’ve got bread, I’ve got water, it’s enough for me. You know, I can’t leave her alone!” - he starts to cry again.

    A wretched shack, terrible cold around, no food or drink, and a blind old man who recalls his long-dead wife all the time and lives only with these memories... How to hold back tears seeing this depressing picture?

 “Look at me. I’m scruffy and probably a scary-looking old man, but there is love in my heart, and it supports me.” - these words of a blind old man can reach even the very hard heart.

- Let’s first recall all the bad things, and then all the good things.

Jumber: Okay... The bad thing is that I can see nothing. I do everything by touch. If I want to drink water, I go to the table, and while I am looking for a cup, I will certainly brush something off with my hand - a plate or a kettle... Then I kneel and look on the floor for what has fallen... I move my hand carefully so as not to cut myself. When I find it, then I need to wash it, so I walk along the wall to the sink. While I wash, I completely forget what I wanted to do... I sit down, take a break, and then start again... So, my whole life goes on like that.

- How do you cook a dinner?

Jumber: What dinner, dear, what are you talking about? Sometimes I buy some canned food, that’s my dinner. Sometimes good neighbors bring me some food... I am not picky: there is bread, there is water - and thanks for that. While my Tanyusha was alive, she looked after me – she is my joy, the apple of my eyes...  I went blind after her death because of being nervous.

- Did you love her very much?

Jumber: Why do you say “did”? I still love here very much. You know, she was very fond of flowers. Our yard was like Garden of Eden, flowers were all around. I used to pick wildflowers for her after work and she was happy, like a child, my dear Tanechka.

- How did you meet her?

Jumber: It was a destiny! After military service I went to work to the Urals. There I met the most beautiful girl - Tatyana Nikolaevna... Oh, I cannot describe it with words! I fell in love! She was in a 9th form then, she was still too young, and I was already adult, 15 years older than her. I told her I would wait for her eternally, if only she became my wife! My beauty, my precious! As soon as she reached the age of majority, we got married, and I brought her to Georgia. My family accepted her as a daughter! Look how beautiful is she!

-  You had a big family?

Jumber: Oh, yes! It was a wonderful time! I am a fortunate man! I am a tenth child in our family. Me and my elder brother’s son were born at the same time. Uncle and nephew are almost the same age. We all lived so well together! Who would have thought that life would go like this? They treated me like a prince - my parents, brothers, and sister. Then my dear Tanechka. She loved me very much too! Thank God for choosing me and granting me to experience such feelings!

- Is anyone left from your big family?

Jumber: My parents, brothers and sister died ... Even some of my nephews died too... It’s an unbearable grief. I developed diabetes because of being nervous, and Tanechka took away my health and my light. She was my light ... My sun! She left me, and I lost sight ...

- Do you have children?

Jumber: I have five children. They all moved to different places, they help me as best they can, but they themselves have families.  And you know what a hard life is now - if you don't work 24 hours a day, you can starve to death.

- Why don't they take you to their place? Is not it hard for you to be alone here?

Jumber: What do you mean “don’t take me”? It is my decision - I don’t want to move. Don't get me wrong. These are not the whims of a blind old man. I am still alive; I have my own feelings and experiences... I want to be here, closer to my Tanyusha, to my parents, brothers, sisters ... I go to the cemetery, stroke the ground, kneel, hug the tombstone and feel that my beloved is there... I tell her about my grandson, what was new for the children, what was shown on TV, and cry... You know, it is very important for me. I want to be close to my wife. I can’t leave her alone here. Even on the tombstone photo, we are together - they tried to make me change my mind, saying that it’s a bad luck, but how could I leave her here alone? Do you think I’ve gone crazy? Maybe, but I love her so much!

- It’s incredible. It feels like I am reading a novel...

Jumber: I can talk about her endlessly! Do you know how smart she was? She learned the Georgian language together with the children by the school curriculum. We all loved her very much. Sometimes I dream that someone would speak to me and I would tell about her. She was my soul. But who can I talk to? Everyone has their own business. The young people have left the village. Some work at the mine, some work in the field. I wake up in the morning, and if the weather is fine, I go outside, sit on a bench, and wait - maybe someone will pass, maybe someone will talk to me. I already recognize everyone by their steps. I ask them how it’s in the city, what’s new, and what about the virus... Getting old is hard. Who would have ever thought that I would turn into such a weak old man?

- What do you live on?

Jumber: My only income is my pension. And I don't get it whole. When I went blind and needed to be operated on, I took a bank loan - now part of the pension goes to pay off the debt. Whatever I get is not enough for medications, but I need to drip these eye drops every day!

- Do you dream about anything?

Jumber: Yes, dear. To have my medications - my eye drops. Not to lose heart and remain a human... To have the strength to visit my wife. To bring flowers to her... So that everything is good for my children, that everything is good for everyone.

- What do you think, what appliances can make your life easier?

Jumber: A washing machine would be a most wonderful gift for me. Fridge... or bed and linen... I don’t even know.

- The whole Georgia will read a story about you. I think you have something to tell them.

Jumber: You know, what I am thinking about now: women live a hard life! All this washing, cleaning, housework, raising children... They do it all so easily. They are just angels! They are stronger than men! They are incredible! When I wash my laundry, I keep thinking: "I am blind, but I would carry bags on my back, just not to do the housework!" Do you know what I mean? And women - how do they manage to cope with all that? And they manage to be so beautiful! My Tanya - she was a real beauty! I miss her so much! Well, what I am talking about...

- You were planning to address our readers!

Jumber: Oh, yes... Love your wives! Take care of them. Pray that they do not get ahead of you to the next world, otherwise it will be very hard for you. You know, this is probably the most important thing in one's life - when there is love, then you are not afraid of anything. Just look at me. I’m scruffy and probably a scary-looking old man, but there is love in my heart, and it never dies.


 Another kind and very sad story has come to end. A story full of love and suffering ... No one is immune to lonely old age.

Jumber Kashakashvili, 75, needs medications, foodstuffs, a washing machine, and a refrigerator. It also would be nice to buy him new bed and linen. It is in our power to make his life easier - he suffered so much, friends. Although he won’t be able to see us, he will feel the warmth of our hearts.

You can visit Jumber yourself - he will be very happy!  He lives in the village of Zodi, Chiatura municipality.

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

 God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

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