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I will be a doctor, I really, really need to cure my mother!

“Ma’am, please help me to grow up! I need to save my mother from death in time!" – Nutsa, a pretty six-year-old sad girl with huge eyes quietly whispers in my ear when we start talking about her mom. She is only six, and she already knows what death and the terrible pain is - the pain that makes her dearest person in the whole world, her mommy, suffer!
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“Ma’am, please help me to grow up! I need to save my mother from death in time!" – Nutsa, a pretty six-year-old sad girl with huge eyes quietly whispers in my ear when we start talking about her mom. She is only six, and she already knows what death and the terrible pain is - the pain that makes her dearest person in the whole world, her mommy, suffer!

She hears the tearful prayers of the poor woman, with the words: ‘Dear God, don’t let me die, don’t let me leave Nutsa alone! Take care!!!” The child does not understand yet how this kind God can replace her mother and where he will take her, but she has also learned to quietly whisper prayers in her mother's ear, bring her water, and check day and night whether her mommy is breathing. ..

Three years ago, a terrible misfortune befell this family: the kidneys of mother Nino - a beautiful 37-year-old woman - had failed almost completely. And to keep living, she endures terrible suffering every other day!

Even a strong man can hardly withstand just one such procedure that Nino withstands... Every other day for 3 years now! It’s terrible!

“I must be in the hospital at six o’clock in the morning, every second day. If I don’t go - I will die!

I permanently have a special device bandaged to my hand, kind of an “artificial kidney”. In the hospital they connect it and the device purifies my blood. Then I barely reach home, where my baby waits for me. And thank God for letting me spend one more day with my dear girl.

It is so hard! I would not wish this to anyone. This torment lasts for endless four hours. Then the whole day I am like dead. My blood pressure spikes, I am dizzy, I feel sick... And Nutsa, like an adult, strokes my hand and brings me water."

Nino lives every day like it is her last day... Those who know will understand the power of her love, not for life - but for Nutsa!  

“Every day may be my last day” says 37-year-old Nino, barely holding back her tears. - I only dream of staying longer with my Nutsa, because she is still a baby, she needs me so much, and I need her!"

Nino's eats only buckwheat and bread, poor Nutsa has no notebooks to write her homework in. But it is in our power to help a family that has suffered so much! Let us support our compatriot in her struggle for life. Let God reward you for your mercy!

- Nino, tell me about your illness in more detail, please.

Nino: My kidneys failed. I have dialysis every second day... I take about 7 different medications daily. They are so expensive! But I will just die without them. I have a daughter, she’s my angel, my ray of light, meaning of my life!  What will happen to her without me?

- Do you remember how it all began?

Nino: You know, I have never been ill, since childhood, I even caught a cold very rarely ... Three years ago, in the summer, my fingers and foot suddenly began to swell, I felt weakness and fuzziness all the time... I thought it was because of exhaustion, my baby Nutsa was only three years old then, and you know that there are so much troubles with the kids. One day I just collapsed and came to senses in a hospital... You can’t imagine what I had to go through! At the beginning doctors supposed it was leukemia - my hemoglobin was so low! But X-ray showed that my kidneys were completely white. They excruciated me for a year and a half – I underwent chemotherapy treatment and I was hospitalized three times. They said that I had almost no chance to survive... I endured everything, gritting my teeth, fought with all my strength, because my husband and daughter - two dearest people in my life - were waiting for me. An insidious disease simply "ate" my kidneys. They stopped working completely within three years.  The treatment did not help. The only way out for me is a transplantation... But this is almost impossible. It is incredibly expensive, and it is not easy at all to find a donor. Even if you find a donor, only a compatibility test costs 5000 GEL. Can you imagine that? Only to know, whether a donor is suitable for you. I can’t even dream about that! I won’t survive without dialysis - it saves me, but at the same time it takes a lifeblood from me... But I will endure any torment, just to be by my daughter - because she needs me so much! We used to live calm and happy life, but suddenly everything went wrong. You, know, misfortunes never come singly...

- Please, share your story with us, tell us everything in order.

Nino: My husband Lasha is Abkhazian war veteran, he was wounded twice, he also had shell-shock. That did not stop him - when the conflict broke out in Ossetia, he went to fight there. When he came back to Tbilisi, he managed to get a job as a driver in a prestigious company. He had a good salary and we lived quite good. Seven years ago, his tooth started aching, then complications developed, the gingiva began to fester, and doctors had to slit it ... Apparently, he got infected. You probably won't believe it, but it got to the point that he had to be operated on - his whole jaw literally rotted away. The doctors even refused to operate him on! Lasha had been operated on seven times, they had to insert him a metal implant. Now any kind of loads are forbidden to him, he can’t lift more than two kilograms - his jaw will simply fall out otherwise. He had to quit his work. Then I got sick. We used to rent an apartment, but because of all our problems we became unable to pay rent, and we had to move here ... This building used to be a hospital, but now the poor people like us live here - refugees, socially disadvantaged people. 

- Did the state provide this housing to you?

Nino: No, even this two tiny rooms do not belong to us. Our relative left and let us temporary live here. If not for her, I don't even know what would have happened to us ... It's cold here, the windows are rotten, the room gets flooded when it rains, there is no bathroom here, but in any case, it's better than being in the street.

- Nino, what supports you in such dire situation? What does not let you fall into despair?

Nino: Both my husband and I are very religious - we often go to church and we pray at home too. I believe that everything is the will of the Lord, and He never sends a person a test that is beyond his strength ... I do not know why it happened so, but I know that I need to go through it. And not to grumble, but to thank God for every new day He gives me.

– How did you meet your husband?

Nino:  I believe that marriages are made in heaven. We both are from Abkhazia. But we met here, in Tbilisi! Many years later... They shot my dad, he died at the beginning of the war. My mother and I fled to Tbilisi, and Lasha spent three years there... He went through all that nightmare! His family has been in captivity for three years, they kept them in some basement, they did not give them food, they abused them... Lasha was wounded twice in battle, he was shell-shocked, and at the very end of the war he was wounded in the leg, so he was urgently transported by plane to Tbilisi. Only God knows what he had to go through. We met only ten years later. I worked as a salesperson in a grocery shop, and he used to visit his friend who leaved nearby, so he often came for shopping. We liked each other, we dated for about three years and then we got married. Despite all the misfortunes we live in harmony. Lasha is very empathetic and caring, he always supports me... The thing is not only that we both lost the opportunity to earn money - we do not need either luxury or wealth. The scary thing is that the medications that are vital for me are very expensive, and we cannot afford them at all ...

- Did you address the local authorities for help? 

Nino: The state partially finances my medications once in quarter. That’s it, but thanks them for that. Unfortunately, we can’t wait for more.

- Does anybody help you? Your relatives or friends?

Nino: My mother lives with us, she needs to be operated on her meniscus - she can hardly walk. Lasha also has mother, she is a pensioner, she lives with Lasha’s sister. They also live hard, they barely make ends meet. My friends and neighbors help me. I would not have survived without their help. I need more than 300 GEL worth of medications monthly, and all our income is a social allowance and my mother's pension. And we get it partially because we had to take loan when I was in hospital. But you still need to eat something. I'm not even talking about a diet, which I must keep - can't eat regular food. I cannot eat salty, fried and fatty food, I even can’t drink water! I need to be careful with medications. I caught a cold and took mukaltin for a cough without a doctor's prescription and... went into a coma! Doctors just brought me back from the dead.

- What the foodstuffs do you manage to buy?

Nino: I usually eat just buckwheat and bread. These are the simplest and cheapest dietary products I can afford. But it does not matter, even if I were starving... My heart hurts for my daughter, for my Nutsa, because she is still baby, and she is deprived of absolutely everything. We were unable to buy notebooks, pens, and pencils for school Thanks to my husband’s friend - he helped us. But you know, everyone experiences hard time now. Everyone survives the way he can.

- Tell me about Nutsa, please.

Nino: She is my angel, so affectionate and caring, she is so afraid of losing me... When I lie down after dialysis and cannot move, she brings me water, medications, a blood pressure monitor, covers me with a blanket. She keeps asking me: “Mommy, you will not die, will you?” Poor child! She has a morbid fear of doctors and ambulances. When I was in the hospital, she heard enough of all this, and she understands how seriously ill I am...  She entered school this year and says that she will study well to become a doctor and cure me.

- Can I talk to her, please? Let's get acquainted, Nutsa. Do you like school? What is your favorite subject?

Nutsa (6-year-old): I like it very much! And most of all I like Math and Georgian Language! 

- Your mom told me that you have already decided what do you want to become when you grow up...

Nutsa: I will be a doctor - I must cure my mom. I can already do something - I massage her when her arm hurts... When she feels bad, I kiss her - she gets better and falls asleep...

What are you dreaming about, Nutsa?

Nutsa: I want my mom to be always by me... I love her very much!

- You are a wonderful girl, and I am sure that all your dreams will come true! Nino, and what are you dreaming about?

Nino: I want the same that my daughter wants. To live for longer and not to make her orphan. You know, when you look death in the face every day - the only thing you want is just to do is live!

-How can we help you? How can we make your life easier?

Nino: Our life is hard. The biggest problem are the medications. We are permanently short on money to buy them. And I can die without the medications. We also need foodstuffs - the child needs nutritious food. I still can live on buckwheat, but she is growing now and so much suffering has already fallen to her lot... I have one more dream - a washing machine. I can hardly do anything, my mother is already elderly, she has problems with her legs, so washing has become a very serious problem. I am so grateful to you for coming and listening, empathizing, and taking our misfortune to heart. Believe me, it's worth a lot! God bless you!


Friends, Nino Gasashvili is only 37 years old. The terrible disease turned her life into torment, her life depends on dialysis ad medications. She has a wonderful 6-year-old daughter Nutsa, who is so scared to be left without mother. All sorts of misfortunes befell this poor family, they have faced terrible trials. They won’t be able to cope without our support!

Quite expensive medications are critical for Nino, her family also needs foodstuffs and a washing machine.

You can visit them and provide all possible help to the Nino Gasashvili family.Their address is: Tbilisi, Dighomi Massive, 7 Disevi Str., Apartment 36. 

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Nino Gasashvili too, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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