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They lived an excruciatingly long time and dreamed of dying on the same day...

Such an ending would be just right for this story. Don't you believe me? Then take a few minutes to read a story about all the horrors in the life of an old and sick woman and her loving son.
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Such an ending would be just right for this story. Don't you believe me? Then take a few minutes to read a story about all the horrors in the life of an old and sick woman and her loving son.

In this cruel world, 73-year-old Evgenia and her 33-year-old son cannot live without each other. And with no exaggeration - dying on the same day, would be the greatest happiness for them.

Mother is bedridden. She does not see, does not hear, and cannot do anything by herself. And what about her son? He cannot do anything either: his main task and the meaning of his life is to take care of his bedridden mother and be with her.

He has no one else but her. He just doesn't know how to live without mom. Evgenia is very sick, she suffers, she is in pain... Sometimes she screams in pain, more often she cries quietly. She just has no strength to scream because of hunger...

It was not easy to talk to Sergo. His answer to any question, begins with the following words: “I do not want anything for myself, only for my mother to feel good. She is hungry”- and he started to cry.

- What do you need to make your mom feel good, Sergo?

- I don’t know, I don’t need anything. I can die for her, but to make her feel good... And how will she feel good? Who will give her water? Who will give her food? I cannot die...

And he cries again... With bitter tears.

Do you know how hard it is to see how the adult man cries of hopelessness?

“Mommy, it's me, your son. I will never leave you. "

Overcoming severe shortness of breath, weakness, and dizziness, Sergo gently hugs his mother, gives her pills, changes her diaper and linen. The young man is very worried about her: "Mom is my whole life!" - says Sergo. For several years now Yevgenia Shlimonova has been in such a helpless state. She was no longer able to get back on her feet after a stroke. Even before that, Evgenia's health was weak - the old woman became almost blind and deaf several years ago, she only recognizes her son by touch.

"Do not be afraid, mom, wipe your tears, and I will give you food."

- Sergo, please don’t cry.

Sergo: What can I do? Please help! Not me, but my mom!

- We will help you for sure. Could you please tell me what do you need and how did you find yourself in such a situation?

Sergo: I don’t need anything, just save my mom! She needs food. She needs diapers. I love my mom so much!

- For how long has she been in such state?

Sergo: For her whole life! She has turned sick after she gave birth to me. Mommy, forgive me! I didn't want to hurt you!

"You see, she calmed down as soon as she felt that I was near."

Sergo takes care of his sick mother alone. But he is not healthy himself, he has mental disorders. He sometimes forgets everything, does not remember anything that happened in his life. But the only thing he always remembers is his mother.

Sergo: I need to bathe my mom and give her food.... And I have to give her medications. She was breastfeeding me! She raised me. I'm not an animal to leave my mother. Look, she does not see at all and does not hear. I need to touch her, stroke her, and she hums - she understands that I have come. Yes, mom, yes, mom, it's me! I'm with you, don't be afraid. Look, she won't let me go now, she wants me to hug her. Look ...

"My joy, my happiness, my everything is my mother"

- Sergo, it is difficult for you to look after your mother. Where do you get strength?

Sergo: I cannot do it another way! When it is hard for me to get up, I still go up to her almost crawling. I give her medications exactly on time. She has no one but me. If I don’t help her, if I don’t take care of her, she will die! I can't let this happen!

As soon as Sergo says the word "mom", the tears start flowing from his eyes.

Most of all, Sergo worries that the medications may run out, and his mom can't do without them even a day! The medications are very expensive, and both Yevgenia's pension and social allowance are spent on purchasing them.

Sergo: May I ask you for something? I would like to have a TV... I would watch football then... Or what else are people watching? I would be so happy! And you know, if there was also a washing machine, my mother would be clean! I would change her linen every day. I'm not lazy! If only mom was good. Mom needs medicines, diapers, and food. I won't even touch them. Mom can't go hungry. And I don't need a refrigerator. I don’t need it at all - I have nothing to put there. We need food! But we don’t need fridge. Don't waste your money. I need TV. It would be nice to have it. Is it possible? I will watch it. We used to have a TV when I was a child - as far as I remember. But I don’t remember exactly.

- Sergo, do you remember what your childhood was like? Were you happy?

Sergo: What happiness are you talking about? I haven't even been to the zoo. I didn't even go to school.

- Why didn't you go to school?

Sergo: I don’t remember. Or maybe I did, but I don’t remember. But my mother cannot talk so we cannot ask her... What school, I need to give food to my mother, I need to save my mother... Help my mother! (Sergo said and cried again.)


What to add? What to say? We have seen many lonely old people who were abandoned by their healthy children. We have seen mothers who dreamed of hearing the voices of their children, but the children do not simply call them... We saw fathers who, with tears in their eyes, told how they rolled their children on their backs, how they played horses and planes... Each memory made them cry and killed them slowly. All of them had healthy and quite successful children. But this case is completely different. Although Sergo needs help himself, he does not leave his mother. He does not remember whether he went to school or no, but he remembers how his mother caressed and kissed him. He does not remember what he ate today, but he remembers what tasty pies his mother used to make...

And we must remember what the Lord expects from us. We must remember that we are human beings, that the Creator created us in his own image. And that the main thing that He expects from us is to help our neighbor. Not a close relative or friend, but a complete stranger. A person who cannot give us anything in return unless he will pray for us.

Sergo and his mother really need food, hygiene products, a TV, and a washing machine.

Their address is: Tbilisi, 8 Salkhino Str.

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