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I love noodle soup and mom!

August 18, 2021
She is 16. She loves noodle soup, Peppa the Pig and her mom. But she loves her mom the most. Nino is sick since birth. She can neither write, nor read. She can’t even walk without mom’s help. But she wants it so much! She only can call her mother when something goes wrong.
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She is 16. She loves noodle soup, Peppa the Pig and her mom. But she loves her mom the most. Nino is sick since birth. She can neither write, nor read. She can’t even walk without mom’s help. But she wants it so much! She only can call her mother when something goes wrong.

‘”I will learn, I will certainly learn,” - she says, - “mommy will teach me. Only if I had a notebook, as a primary school children have. There are letters on it and there are many games too...” “You will certainly learn,” - her mom cheers her up and cries. She cries silently, without tears. She learned to do that. She cried out all her tears in these 16 years.

Nino’s favorite food is a noodle soup, she can’t even count for more. They are alone, mom, daughter and the terrible disease called “infantile cerebral palsy”.

And this is how it all started. The baby - cute and perfectly healthy baby girl Nino - was born in a happy family! Her parents were so happy! But less than in two weeks the life of the happiest family turned into a nightmare. The baby, who used to be calm started crying and bursting into tears, she did not eat, she did not sleep. Her mommy did not know what to do. It is scary when the baby cries for hours non-stop, is it not? Not everyone can withstand that. Her dad did not manage to. He said he wanted to have a healthy baby and just left - but our story is not about that. Our story is about a mother who became a guardian angel for her daughter.

16-Year-old Nino weights more than her mother, but she still wants her mommy to hold her in her arms.

- Jamila, you are so fragile. How do you manage to cope with Nino?

Jamila: It’s 16 years for now as I carry her in my arms. Literally. She somehow learned to talk, but not yet to walk. I have no more strength left. I’m getting smaller, she’s getting bigger. Now she weighs more than I do. But I already got used to that. The same thing every single day. To dress her, to take her to the bathroom, to change her diapers, to give her food, to wash her, to play with her. When someone says that they get bothered with everyday routine, I want to tell them: “Thank God! Your children are healthy and that means that you are the happiest one!”

- Is Nino sick since birth?

Jamila: She was healthy for her first two weeks, at least we thought so. But then the nightmare started. Do you know how bitterly she cried? We were unable to understand what hurt her. She screamed her face off. My God, I still hear that scream.

- So, you went to visit doctor.

Jamila: And it was there where I heard that terrible news about infantile cerebral palsy. The child has a cerebral hemorrhage. They prescribed her treatment, but the child did not calm down - she began to cry even louder. She started having epileptic attacks. You know how scary it is...

Nino is a big girl, but she is like a five-year-old child in development.

- Did the treatment help?

Jamila: I didn't understand then. They prescribed her drugs, huge doses of drugs. The child was getting worse - and they reduced the doses. But somehow, we managed to sort everything out. Nino stopped screaming, and her attacks occurred less frequently. But all this affected her condition. Apparently, the brain damage was so extensive that she stopped developing.

- What do you mean?

Jamila: Look, she's a big, healthy-looking teenage girl. If she sits calmly, nobody will suspect that there is something wrong with her. But in development, in thinking, she is like a five-year-old child. She cannot do anything on her own: neither eat, nor go to the toilet, nor read, nor write. She just sits, watches cartoons, and rejoices. And I am happy that nothing hurts her...

"I want candy, but my mom doesn't give it to me"

- Can she talk to us?

Jamila: She doesn't talk to strangers, though... Mommy, tell this lady what do you like to do?

Nino (16-year-old): I love cartoons about Peppa the Pig, mommy, and the noodle soup.

- Is there anything you don’t have, but you would like to have.

Nino: A netbook, to learn reading and witting. You can do it using it. Mommy says I need it. And she also says I should not eat sweets.

“This is an elephant. This is a giraffe. There are flowers and letters.”

- What else are you dreaming about?

Nino: For my mommy to hug me and to give me sweets. But mommy cries.

- Why does your mommy cry?

Nino: I can’t walk, but she forces me to... She says: “You should!” And cries.

“Please, don’t cry! I promise you I will learn both walking and reading.”

Jamila: Doctors say when she starts walking, her brain will start working too, and it is a chance for her to become more independent, I can’t carry her anymore. She is too heavy. That’s why I don’t give her sweets. She has to keep a strict diet. But she loves sweets so much! Even now she asked to give her sweets several times.

- Jamila, what do you need most right now?

Jamila: Our income is Nino’s pension - 250 GEL, and a social allowance - 60 GEL. It’s enough for nothing. Only diapers cost 100 GEL. But we need food too. Fortunately, we don’t have to pay for room.

- Does it belong to you?

Jamila: Yes, the local administration helped us to build one room in the yard, so we can live here. But we can’t move there - there are only bare walls. And I dream so much about a sofa, where I could sleep together with my daughter, not fearing that it might fall apart.

“Living conditions are unbearable, but when your child is ill the rest of problems take second place”

– Please, tell me about your needs.

Jamila: Foodstuffs and diapers are what I need the most. I need both all the time. As for my big dreams - we really need a fold-out couch, fridge, and TV. I don’t dare to ask for anything more.

- Jamila, you can address our readers.

Jamila: You know, I will address mothers, who have sick children. I have no right to complain. I’ve seen so much grief and so many terrible things on your website. Those little babies with tubes and wires connected to their bodies - they can’t even hug their mothers; they can’t open their eyes. It is so terrible! I think, I am much luckier. My daughter can call me, she can tell me what hurts her or what she wants. I want to ask all mothers to hold on, because no one needs our children except us. We are the only hope and support for them. We should be strong to stay by them for longer. Moms, I love you all!

“Mom will never leave you, she will always be with you! She will be your hands and feet while she is alive.”

- What do you ask God for? 

    Jamila: I ask God to give me strength for taking care of my daughter. Now I am 51. Lately I started having breath shortages, and my feet ache. But I still hold on! I should hold on. I have no right to get sick.


Friends! Let not leave this family in trouble! Jamila urgently needs lots of things, especially hygiene items and foodstuffs. A fold-out couch, fridge, and TV would make her life much easier.

You can visit them by yourself and hand them everything in person. Their address is: Tbilisi, 14 Janelidze Str.

Sure, all together we will manage to change their life for better.

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