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Terrifying moan sounds like call to hell!

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February 25, 2022
The walls seem to hardly withstand the misfortune that is happening within them. A heartbreaking scream and howl can be heard far away on the street. This scream makes goosebumps appear on your skin. And you hear a woman's voice and cry: "Please, son, calm down, please."
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Terrifying moan sounds like call to hell!


Fear and horror settled in his tormented head

The walls seem to hardly withstand the misfortune that is happening within them. A heartbreaking scream and howl can be heard far away on the street. This scream makes goosebumps appear on your skin. And you hear a woman's voice and cry: "Please, son, calm down, please."

It’s as if the ceiling is about to collapse and take the unfortunate mother to the underworld along with her enraged, but helpless son, whom she hugs and calms down... Hell has long come to them on earth and does not leave them.

Mother is the only tiny ray of light in the world full of visions, fear, and horrors of 42-year-old Khvicha Lagvilava. For 42 years now, the mother has been taking care of him. She soothes him, caresses, fights off his attacks of aggression. In desperation, she stubbornly tries to give at least a bit of warmth and love to her son, who has no mind, no gift of speech.

Mother and son took refuge in a gloomy, emergency building, as if in order to not disturb or embarrass anyone with this madness. Although they really need the help and mercy of kind people. The eldest son, Gocha, earns some pennies by hard physical labor so that his family does not starve to death. And Mimosa who is exhausted by anxiety, constantly holds the hand of her younger son Khvicha fearing that if her life ends her helpless son will be left alone.

During an attack, only mother's hand can calm Khvicha

- Mimosa, how did this misfortune happen to you when your son fell ill?

Mimoza: Khvicha was born perfectly healthy - he weighed more than four kilograms - it was a pleasure to look at him. I was in seventh heaven with happiness, because I had two boys growing up - two mother's hopes! But at four months he started having convulsions. We got scared and took him to the hospital. We didn't know how to help him. Since then, our suffering began. Khvicha was diagnosed with a mental disorder. Well, we addressed so many places for help! We took him to doctors in Tbilisi. But his disease turned out to be incurable. (Sighs.)

- Mimosa, what is the most difficult thing in regards with a sick son? How does he act during attacks?

Mimoza: Khvicha can't talk. His attacks look terrible: he screams, he howls, trying to let me know what is bothering him. He becomes aggressive and wants to run outside. I hug him, calm him down, hold him as best I can. I get hit, but it does not matter. If he runs away from home, he will get lost somewhere, get hit by a car, or he will hurt someone. I cannot let that happen.

I am getting old, and my health fails: I have diabetes, high blood pressure, my joints hurt. I can't buy medications. My son has already been betrayed once - his father left him. I'm afraid he will lose me too. My death will become the end of his life.

Look, my Khvicha is still so masculine. (Smiles weakly) He used to be a very handsome child. No one would notice that he was ill. He was a curly-haired boy with beautiful eyes, and now his hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes have fallen out...

- Have you noticed what can cause an attack? What worries him?

Mimoza: My poor boy. Who knows what goes on in his tormented head? We should not let him get hungry - he cannot stand it. And our things, unfortunately, are going bad. I'm always in fear that something is about to happen to him.

- What income does your family live on?

Mimoza: Gocha, my eldest son, does not have a permanent job. When he finds some part-time job, he brings all his earnings home. Our main income is pension and social allowance. But we have been getting 120 lari instead of 150 for a long time now. I asked the social worker: “Why did they cut the amount we were getting?” And he says: “No idea, it’s not my business”. Who's business is it? How to find it out? Every tetri counts for us.

- You mentioned your husband with resentment, it looks like it hurts you to speak about this topic. But maybe you remember the story of your love?

Mimoza: My friend introduced me to my future husband. I thought that together we would build a warm and happy family nest. But nothing worked out... My heart is broken.

- Do you think he left because of Khvicha’s disease?

Mimoza: I don’t know exactly. At some point, he left me alone with two young children in my arms facing disease and hunger.

– Mimosa, do you have brothers or sisters? What are your childhood memories? What memories warm your soul?

Mimoza: I had honest, hardworking parents. We lived poorly, but happily. I think, my childhood is my only bright memory. I have an older brother and a younger sister. I used to be a fidget, the most mischievous of them, I didn’t like to study, and I was the first to start a family.

My brother and sister have their own families. God help them, they can hardly cope on their own, but they always try to pay attention to us. They cannot help us financially. Our relatives and neighbors are very good, I am very grateful to all of them. They always ask how we are doing, but now it is difficult time for everyone. I can see how hard it is for them to support their families. They go out of their way to earn at least something. Our neighbors often share food, lunch, with us; those who have a cow give us cheese and cottage cheese. God bless them.

And friends of your Fund, your readers - they do not leave us to the mercy of fate. In this we feel the power and help of God.

- Mimosa, I am so sorry for you. Have you addressed the state for help? The local authorities, for instance?

Mimoza: I am grateful to the municipality of the city of Poti. They help us with food.

- A cross hangs in the most prominent place in your house. Are you a believer? If you could talk to God, what would you complain to Him about? What would you ask Him for?

Mimoza: I live, and I am still alive because of faith. Every Saturday and Sunday I attend church service and pray to God for my unfortunate family, for my children. Of course, I have questions, but they are not reproachful - I just want to figure something out for myself: Lord, why are we in such a hell? Is this a test of my strength? Is this punishment? Or a great blessing?

I want all sick children to get miraculously healed - not only my son Khvicha. I want to see the joy on the face of my eldest son Gocha. To see how happy he is, to live to see his marriage and his children. He is very deprived of me, almost from childhood he took upon himself the burden of caring for his sick brother. I have forgotten when I saw the carefree smile on his face.

Mimosa asks the Lord for the day to go smoothly and to have some food for her son

- Mimoza, do you believe in the kindness of strangers? Do you hope they will help you?

Mimoza: Yes, of course! I believe that the Lord does good with the hands of His chosen ones. Unfamiliar people - friends of your Fund, your readers - have helped us a lot: they donated to us a huge amount of food, a new wardrobe, bed, bedding, hygiene products. How can I not pray for the happiness and well-being of these people? I never forget kindness.

- I just want to ask you: how did you find yourself in this building? It is not suited for living.

Mimoza: In Soviet times this building belonged to a citrus farm. It was old, abandoned and dilapidated. We had no place to live so we moved here arbitrarily back in 80’s. We have two rooms and a kitchen here, if you can call that so. We don’t even have the basic conditions for life here, the roof leaks when it rains, the wind blows from the cracks. By the will of the Lord, this is our only harbor. But we don't have any property papers, and we're always afraid that they will kick us out of here. I planned to get it registered in our name, and I wrote an application to the town hall but have not received their response yet. I don't know who to address.

Khvicha’s room looks like a ward in a psychiatric hospital: there is nothing around that he could break or smash. But it’s freezing here, they don’t light a stove/ This affects Khvicha and irritates him.

- Mimosa, I see that you need a lot of things in your house. It's very hard for you. What do you need most of all? What is your main problem?

Mimoza: Food, my dear ones. If someone has the opportunity, please, help up with foodstuffs. The hardest thing is the lack of food. Khvicha, unlike healthy people, has an excessive appetite. He constantly asks for food. If there is no food at home, he rages, turns the bed upside down, tears and spoils the linen. Oh… (Sighs heavily.)

I'm very embarrassed to ask, but I also need a table to put it by Khvicha's bed so that it would be more convenient to feed him. And it is also very cold in this room, and Khvicha freezes even in bed, it bothers him. I'm afraid he'll get pneumonia. In winter, he lies in bed, and in summer he sits in the corridor or in the yard.  If we had a gas heater, it would be easier for him to endure the winter. Khvicha has no clothes either. The pennies that Gocha earns are not enough for anything. We have no money left for medications. I feel unwell without medications, and Khvicha needs sedatives, although he really doesn't like to take them, and he always resists. But so that my poor boy does not get exhausted, so that his heart does not get tired of screaming, you need to help him - give him a sedative. He does not realize how much he exhausts himself.

- And you as well...

Mimoza: This is my maternal destiny. And Gocha's fate too.

Khvicha keeps asking for food all the time due to his illness. You need to give him at least a small piece of some food, otherwise he will have an attack and will tear all the linen and bed

Gocha silently listens to us and sadly looks at his mother. From time to time, he turns towards the room where his sick brother is. One can notice that he is on the alert. At any moment, at the first moan, he is ready to rush to help his brother.

- Gocha, may I ask you something? You probably used to make plans for the future. Did you have to give up everything? And what do you think now - how to live your further life?

Gocha: I was very young when I realized that my mother and my younger brother needed care. And only after that, someday, I will be able to think about myself. I quitted school after eighth grade to work for the family and have been working here and there ever since. The main thing is to bring at least couple of pennies home. I have been struggling with hunger, cold, and my brother's illness since childhood. And now my mother is exhausted, she is sick, I need to look after both of them.

Now I temporarily work at a construction site, but this is not what I need. I can't handle expenses. I want to learn another craft so that I can have a decent income.

– Gocha, what can you remember from the past? What warms your soul, what was the most important and joyful?

Gocha: Most of all, as a child, I loved my birthday, when my peers came to visit me, a sweet buffet, a holiday and gifts. I remember my years at school with great warmth. I was fond of one girl - she was beautiful as a fairy... Of course, she did not suspect anything about my feelings, we were just friends. But I was very happy to see her among my friends, to be close to her. Now she is married, I hope that she is happy. May the Lord bless her.

– Gocha, what are you most afraid of?

Gocha: To lose my mom. I want my mother to be with us for a long, very long time So that I can make her broken heart happy.

- Gocha, have any of your loved ones ever turned away from you? Have you got any disappointments?

Gocha:  I hold nothing against my dad. What to do, no one knows what can happen in life. Now he is experiencing very difficult time, we often talk, try cheer each other up. I have always been lucky to have good people surrounding me. I get sad when I see that my peers already have such adult children. I am 44 years old and have not started a family yet. I dream about it, I want to have a happy family, home comfort, have a loved one. But I have got neither harrow nor barrow. I also think about this. I don't know, I'll do my best and hope for the Lord's mercy.

Suddenly we hear a terrifying moan coming from Khvicha's room... Gocha's face changes, droops. Mimosa looks at Gocha, breaks down and begins to cry quietly... 


Friends, the Lagvilava family, exhausted by Khvicha's illness, is in a terrible state. They really need our support right now! The mother is exhausted by the experiences. It is unbearable to watch and calmly listen to how sick Khvicha can’t rest, how he screams of hunger, how he keeps trying to save himself from cold in the overturned mattresses. This gloomy, old gray house, full of tears and grief really needs good people to be around...

The family has nothing, they need any help, especially foodstuffs, a table, a gas heater, clothes, home appliances, warm blankets. We also want to ask to help Gocha in finding a permanent job. He is eager to learn new things, and he really hopes that you will offer him some job.

Let's not leave these tormented people in trouble.

You can visit them and provide them all possible help. Address: Poti, a building located at a former citrus farm.

Every time you can help someone, just do it, and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you!

Let’s show our mercy and make this tortured family believe that miracles happen, they believe in us. Don’t let them down. Show them what generous people live in Georgia

We are sure that all together we will manage to change their life.

Please don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at: office-fsp@fsp.ge.

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(purpose:The Lagvilava family).

You can also transfer money from our website

It is also possible to transfer money from TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. Find our Fund under "Charity" section (You can read more about rights and responsibilities of the Fund following the link https://goo.gl/GY2Gus). ).

We have already helped thousands of disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers! Life is always unpredictable!

We have good news for you - now you can read the stories of our beneficiaries on Instagram: Https://www.instagram.com/chernovetskyi.fund/ and Telegram: https://t.me/ChernovetskyiFund.

Even if you dial once this special number, it might save someone's life: 0901200270

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