Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Become Santa Claus

Charity Fund "Social partnership" launched the project "Become Santa for needy children"
₾ 778
Project completed!

New Year is coming – the most joyful and happy time, when all wishes may come true. Nevertheless, unfortunately, that is not true for everyone. Children of large families with many children, socially unprotected families have already written their letters to Santa Claus, still never hoping that in the New Year’s Eve they will get their presents at the fir tree. Because some of them have no new year’s tree at all.

At the same time, their wishes are very simple: some of them want a toy car, toy blocks, parrots and others dream of a Barbie.

Let us give hope to those children, make them believe in miracles. Let them believe that in the New Year’s Eve all their wishes might come true, that Santa Claus and Snow Maiden are real, living nearby, in our city, ready to make their most precious wishes come true!

If you want to participate in the project “Become Santa Claus”, you can buy this gift and bring it to the office of the Foundation in order to be given to the child, and if you aspire to give the present personally to the child, we can provide contact information about the family.

In case you prefer to support financially, you are free to transfer money to the account of the Foundation - GE15TB7194336080100003 (in the field “Destination” indicate the name of the child whom you would like to help in realizing New Year’s wishes).

Let us do good things in the most wonderful time of the year!

Cake for Guranda, 16 years old – 35 GEL

Guranda is 16 years old and she does not believe in Santa Claus anymore, but she believes in miracles. Since her very childhood, she dreams of having a birthday cake for her special day on January 1. Do not you find it a New Year’s dream? For a girl, who never had a cake for her birthday – that is the most precious dream…

Zaza Bichiashvili, 3 years old. Toy car - 25 GEL

Elder brother helped Zaza to draw this car. They tried a lot. Children have no toys; they saw them with other children… and want them very much. Zaza dreams of a toy car and many sweets to give them to brothers, sister, and Santa Claus also, whom he is waiting for so much!

Nikoloz Bichiashvili, 3 years old – Toy gun – 25 GEL

Nika loves sweets very much, but parents cannot afford to buy them for him. That is why for him sweets are the great gift. Brothers told him he could wish something else, and he said he wanted a toy gun.

Lekso Kapanadze, 5 years old – Toy car with control panel – 50 GEL

Lekso saw such a car 2 years ago, since then that has been the most precious gift for him that he could ever get. He dreams of it, still knowing that his family cannot buy it for him, and he has to ask Santa Claus for simpler things. Once he knew kind people could help Santa Claus, he said he would study better than anyone studies, obey to his parents and elder brothers and sisters, if he gets the car!

Luka Melkadze, 6 years old – parrots, 30 GEL

Luka dreams of having parrots, he wants to teach them to talk. Luka believes that they would bring him a lot of joy and make everybody happy.

Mate Melkadze, 1 year old – teddy bear and toy blocks – 30 GEL

Mate does not talk, elder brothers, 12 and 10 years old decided for him. They know best about dreams and wishes of each other.