Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Let’s help the veterans together for the Day of Victory!

The Charity Foundation "Social Partnership" has been providing vitally important assistance to 600 lonely and seriously-ill old people for 4 years.
₾ 819.25
Project completed!
The Charity Foundation "Social Partnership" has been providing vitally important
assistance to 600 lonely and seriously-ill old people for 4 years. There are only two
veterans out of them, the people who have gone through all the horrors of the World War
Two: Lambrianova Vera and Argutinsky Alexander.
Long time ago they were heroes, defending their country to death and now they are
absolutely helpless, forgotten and abandoned by everybody and have to survive during this
hard time for Georgia with a small pension which is not enough even for medicines and
Vera Lambrianova – is an old woman who moves in the room with difficulty. It is hard
to imagine that sometime she used to jump with a parachute and participate in military
As the war began, instead of enrollment at the institute she was accepted to the
military school with the specialty "Aerial surveillance, warning and communication". She
could accurately identify the model of enemy airplanes, flight height, speed and route only
by their silhouettes. The information transmitted by her to the headquarters in a timely
manner helped to prevent bombing of Georgian cities.
Unfortunately, health of Mrs. Vera has severely impaired recently but she is unable
to buy necessary medication with her pension.
Alexander Argutinsky was born in Tbilisi in 1921. He finished a military school in
Murom. He fought at the battlefield of Leningrad, was a signaler and reconnaissance officer
in the border regiment.
He met his future wife at the House of Officers in Riga – it was a love at first sight.
After the end of the war, Alexander brought his wonderful wife to Tbilisi. He was eager to
introduce his wife to his parents, but nobody was waiting for him at home: his parents had
died several months before his arrival!
Now Mr. Alexander is absolutely alone, his wife died, they had no children. He
strongly needs medications but he cannot buy them because his miserable pension is
spent on payment of utility bills and purchase of food!
Most regrettably, there are less and less veterans of that horrible war every year.
On the eve of May 9 our Foundation "Social Partnership" will launch a charity
campaign for collection of funds for medications and essential food products for veterans of
the World War II.
If you can afford to help this misfortunate, seriously-ill and abandoned old people,
you can transfer the funds to the account of the Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003
(purpose: assistance to veterans) or you can pay directly from the website of the
Foundation: The photo report of the transfer of the assistance will
be placed on our website and on Facebook.
Let’s support our veterans together who got the victory for us!