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4 hletny Beso Sordia urgently need help!

Charitable Fund "Social Partnership" for more than four years in Georgia has vital assistance 600 bedridden ..
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Project completed!

Charitable Fund "Social Partnership" for more than four years in Georgia has vital assistance 600 bedridden seriously ill people. Most of them - the lonely, forgotten by all the elderly, which, in addition to our Fund, there is no one to take care! But, unfortunately, among the beneficiaries of the Fund, there are small children who have been unlucky from birth, who do not know what it means to be healthy, that in all my life felt nothing but pain!

When we asked the Fund Silva Sordia - grandmother of 4 year Beso, we could not stay away from huge troubles this unfortunate child and the grief of their poor family!

The long-awaited boy was born in a family with a lot of Sordia pathologies: he was diagnosed with microcephaly (underdevelopment of the brain), heart disease, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and vision problems. The whole family was shocked, but to give up the baby and leave him to fend for themselves, and had no idea! Caring for Beso was very difficult! Special care and feeding, frequent epileptic seizures and are constantly coming to the ambulance brigade house, endless tests and treatment ... The kid and his parents spent more time in hospitals than at home!

Unfortunately, his mother was unable to cope with physical stress and psychological stress ... She left Beso and left the house. The entire burden of caring for a sick child lay on the shoulders of a young father and grandmother Bachan Silva!

To improve the condition of Beso, it constantly needs expensive medications, rehabilitation and special food. But all this is a family catastrophically not enough money! Bachan Dad can not get a regular job and earn money because of the fact that his young son needed round the clock care: at Beso is not developed chewing reflex, he often suffocating, and it often happens seizures ... So leave your baby even moment it is impossible - it can turn into a tragedy!

Sordia family lives in extreme poverty, on the outskirts of Tbilisi in a small hut with one room, with leaking ceilings and rotten floors. Furniture is little, so the father asleep on the floor beside the crib Beso!

"I would never have asked for help from strangers, - with tears in his eyes says Pope Bachan - but now we have a desperate situation: on top of all the misfortunes at Beso developed pneumonia, he was in intensive care. In the treatment requires a lot of money, which I do not, and they get me nowhere! ".

Desperate grandmother and father begging all good people to help in the rescue of their grandson and son! In order to alleviate the suffering and the healing is very little Beso need expensive medication, rehabilitation treatments and special food!

Fund "Social Partnership" can not leave the family with a seriously ill baby alone with their misfortune! Therefore, we begin a charity event to raise funds to help Beso! Each donated GEL you can prove vital for the crumbs! The money you can deposit into the account or GE15TB7194336080100003 GE64BG0000000470458000 Fund (purpose: Beso Sordia) or pay directly from the site

Please do not remain indifferent, and show mercy to that of any innocent child who in his short life handed down so much suffering and anguish!


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