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Day Center of Cernovetskyi Fund

At our day center people will get care and warmth from the others. They will receive a chance for normal life once again!
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Project completed!

Day assistance centre for socially disadvantaged people of Chernovetskiy Fund is a real place of goodness daily addressed by the people who lost their hope for future, who were left all alone with their problems and who cannot resolve them independently any more.

At our day center they will get care and warmth from the others. They will receive a chance for normal life once again!

At the medical centre a qualified doctor will render assistance to our guests and will provide them with vital and essential medicines.

Our visitors will be able to take a hot shower, have their hair cut, and obtain new clothes.

In a big cozy room people will have an opportunity to watch films, TV programs, news, visit the library, play tabletop games or just to communicate with each other.

Our computer corner will help them to talk to their relatives by internet or to look for a job.

We are waiting for visitors having status of socially disadvantaged citizens by address: 25 Gorgasali St., second turn.

Any financial help will be highly appreciated, as even a donated lari can dramatically change life of a person for the better! If you have a possibility to render material aid, you can transfer money to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Day Center) or pay directly from the Fund web-site

You can as well donate money through quick payment terminal NovaTechnology and TBCpay. EnterCharitysectionandselectourFund.

Our doors are also open for those interested in our activity. Anyone who wants can see our place of goodness with his own eyes.

For detailed information please call the following telephone numbers: (032) 2 19 33 21, +995 577 92 40 45.

Alternatively you can address our Facebook page:

or web-site:

We are waiting for you!

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