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Give me the life of my boy ...

Mom knows that this disease can take away her beloved son and hopes only for God and good people ...
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Project completed!
What to do when doctors can not put an accurate diagnosis, and parents do not have financial opportunities for full-fledged treatment of the baby? This is probably the worst thing in the life of any mom!
David Kiparoidze was a healthy child, no signs of malaise were observed. The boy danced in the ensemble, went to soccer mugs, dreamed of becoming a subdeacon ... In one miserable day, David at school became ill and the first time he started cramping. According to the mother, the doctor explained the incident as a transitional age and prescribed medications taken with epilepsy. Two years later the seizures again made themselves felt, the boy was already losing consciousness, his condition began to worsen catastrophically. The diagnosis - panencephalitis could only be put abroad. It was ... a verdict!
Today, the state of 15-year-old David is depressing. The disease progresses, often epileptic seizures occur ... The boy is literally melting in front of his eyes, and the necessary help is out of nowhere.
Parents left their hearth in the village of Surami and together with their son moved to Tbilisi to a rented apartment. Mom can not leave her son for a second unattended, and her father earns only pennies with hard work. Is it possible to have a meager social allowance when such a serious patient is in the family? When seizures begin, they are not able to keep their son on their own and call an ambulance, which delivers him to the clinic, otherwise he can just die. And so every time. Mom knows that the disease can ruin her son, but she believes that with the prayers of kind people and their help, beloved David will live!
Now is not the time to analyze who is to blame and who is not. Now it is the moment when the fate of this teenager depends on our help, on our actions.
Friends, let's sacrifice for David Kiparoidze at the behest of the heart! Let's ease his suffering and improve at least a lot of living conditions. He needs food, tracheostomy tubes, medicines, hygienic supplies!
Let's not be ashamed of small sums! In such collections, small amounts do not exist - from one lari are formed thousands, so necessary to fight for life!
If you have a desire and a financial opportunity to help this unfortunate teenager, you can transfer money to the account of the fund GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: David Kiparoidze) or pay from our website
You can also deposit money from terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. In the "charity" section, find our foundation. (You can find the payment methods by clicking on the link https: // goo. Gl / GY2Gus).


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