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Not seeing the sun and the sky, not being able to breathe fresh air, these people are riveted to bed ...
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God save you from the unbearable state in which these people are. Not seeing the sun and the sky , not being able to breathe fresh air , these people have been bedridden for several years and spend the remaining days in damp and cold rooms, alone, without any communication with the outside world . For them , to see the daylight, to swallow fresh air and keep warm in the sunshine - this is the limit of happiness . Among our beneficiaries of the Home Care program are people who badly need wheelchairs . Yes, their overall state has fortunately improved in recent years . We did everything possible , and often impossible , to bring these people out of the hopeless situation and are sincerely glad that they had a desire to live , rejoice and communicate . And how to do this when there is no money to buy a wheelchair , and the state refuses or other reasons ? Do they have to , spend the remaining days in bed , without any hope of seeing the daylight ? Friends , you yourself know very well how difficult it is for a person to live without movement , without communication and touching nature ! We just call on you , not to stand by , and join our charity fund-raising event , to acquire three of our beneficiaries of wheelchairs ! You , probably , will agree with us that every person should be able to sympathize , empathize , support such people and not necessarily he should be your own grandmother or grandfather ! Join our action ! You can transfer funds (6)to the account of the fund GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment : Home Care ) or pay from our website You can also deposit money from terminals NovaTechnology , TBCpay and ExpressPay . In the " charity " section , find our foundation . (You can find the payment methods at https://goo.Gl/GY2Gus )
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