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Let us give Mariam a hope for future!

8-year old Mariam Kasradze was born with a spinal disc herniation. The girl was operated 6 times, but without exit.
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Every parent feels pain when the health of his or her child is in danger. But this pain becomes even worse when there is no way to help! 

8-year old Mariam Kasradze was born with a spinal disc herniation. The girl was operated 6 times, but without exit. She cannot walk as her lower limbs are paralyzed, one leg is lower than another, and her feet are atrophied. The child can move only crawling which damages her little soul.

"When I took Mariam to school for the first time", - tells her mother, Manana Gulishvili, - "She asked me with regret: "Mom, why am I unable to walk and run as my schoolmates?"…It was so painful me to hear this, and I did not know how to reply… I try to help her to keep up with her studies and I always accompany her on excursions… We, the parents, do everything possible to keep her away from feeling lonely and miserable, although material need is pressing on us."

The Kasradze Family lives in a village for refugees from Tserovani. In 2008 during the Russian occupation of the Tskhenvali Region they had to leave their native village Kekhvi and become refugees in their own country. 

The child's disability pension and a social allowance is the only income of this family. No wonder that this tiny amount does not suffice for simple food and hygiene products. Mariam's father is unemployed as there is absolutely no work in Tserovani. When he finds some seasonal employment somewhere, he is ready to work day and night to support his family somehow! 

Mariam Kasradze needs our help today. Soon she will go to the third grade, but whether she will be able to attend school is questionable. The girl has no rucksack or school accessories, and her wheelchair got broken long ago! 

Let us lend a helping hand to this wonderful girl, let us warm her heart and give her a hope for future on this Assumption Day! 

Dear friends, we believe in your kind hearts!

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Let the Most Holy Mother of God keep you!