Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Let's congratulate Mariam together!

Mariam is a very kind, beautiful and intelligent girl, she is a great student and she is diligently engaged.
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Project completed!

Dear friends, we would like to acquaint you with beautiful Mariam! On 22 October she will be 13 years old!

We will not dwell upon what she had to go through before she came to our Kobuleti small foster home. Believe us, there are children who even do not imagine that miracles can happen on their birthday! Or that on their own birthday other people can be glad to celebrate the holiday! 

Mariam is very kind, beautiful and smart; she does well at school at works hard on her studies. She knows that not only her future depends on her studies, but as well the future of our country!

She is still little, but she already feels the responsibility for this! We are so happy to be able to make her dreams come true!

And what do you think she would like to receive as a birthday present? To tell the truth, we know her quite well but at first we did not even believe our ears: this little beauty dreams to get a definition dictionary of foreign words… wonderful, isn't it?!

We are sure that you will eagerly participate in this good deed. Your assistance will be very important for Mariam.

You should know that somewhere nearby there are children for whom it is vitally important to know that they are not out of place in this world!

Let God help you, dear friends, as power is necessary even for good actions!

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