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God gave me his life

We ask God for such trials, and we ourselves do not suspect that people are suffering next to us SO AS WE DIDN'T REMAIN IN THE NIGHTLIGHT DREAM
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When we feel bad and something hurts, we think this is the end. We ask God for such trials, and we ourselves do not suspect that people are suffering next to us SO AS WE DIDN'T REMAIN IN THE NIGHTLIGHT DREAM !!!
8 years ago, the joy of giving birth to a son turned into grief in the Robakidze family ... Mother Nana and Papa Gogita, elder brothers Dzhimsher and George were looking forward to the appearance of the youngest and could not even imagine that everything could go wrong.
Mate was born premature - 6 months old and weighed only 1.5 kilograms! The baby was put in intensive care. Doctors have long fought for the life of the child. It was possible to save the baby, but he had serious problems with his health.
The poor girl found Cerebral Palsy of the most severe form. “Even if he survives, he will not be able to move, he will not be able to see and hear,” said the doctors.
“It's just terrible to watch your baby suffer and not be able to help him!” God forbid any parents to experience this ... In the beginning, Mate could not talk, he could not even say that he was worried, he just screamed in pain, and we didn’t know what to do! ”He said with tears in his eyes mother Nana.
Older brothers and parents believed that God would not leave them, that miracles happen, and Mate will get out ... the family sold everything that was valuable and had all the money went to the treatment of the baby! The elder brothers refused all the joys of life, kneaded little legs and hands for days, talked to him, read fairy tales and sang songs! And the miracle happened! Prayers have been heard by the Most High!
Mate went on the mend! The treatment gave its results, now the boy can sit on his own, makes separate sounds, can explain what hurts, what he likes, ask for a toilet, expresses his love for his mother and brothers! He even tries to move independently ...
There is a hope that the boy’s condition can become much better if he continues his treatment ... but alas, the family does not have the money for expensive medicines! The pennies earned by the father are sorely lacking to cover utilities, basic products and painkillers - and the boy needs oh, how much! But the family has no other means. In connection with the constant costs of medicines and payment for treatment, they have long spent all their resources, and now they hope only for the help of good people!
We really hope one day to hear the sonorous children's voice of Mate, ask him about desires and dreams, but unfortunately, while it is not possible and only mother can tell about the boy's life.
- Do the neighbors help you?
-Thank God for such neighbors! They very often helped me out in difficult moments! They can give the last for my mate. What would I do without them.
- Tell me, what kind of help do you need now?
- Oh, the only thing we ask for is to lend us a helping hand for Mate! We ask nothing for ourselves, only for him. In our life, for 8 years now he is the most important person.
-What would you say to your older children? They probably missed your attention over the years!
- I am so worried about them ... 8 years ago they were 16 and 14 years old! Just the period when they needed to learn and have fun, they did not leave the younger brother. Not every parent can do as much for their child as Jimsher and George did for Mate. Once I overheard George speaking to Mate - “if I have my children, I cannot love them more than you” ... you know, it always gave me strength. Thank God for them! My husband and I alone would not have coped ...
 - Nana, the Lord heard you and Mate became better, what else are you asking for Him?
- My only request is to collect the necessary amount for medicines and continue treatment. I don't want anything else. I’m sure my boy can walk with God's help!
It is difficult to imagine the grief of parents whose children are so seriously ill! And because of the lack of money, parents cannot do anything! Even enough to feed them, they are not always able!
Our Foundation cannot remain aloof from the great sorrows and troubles of the Robakidze family and calls on everyone to support these unfortunate people! Any your even the most insignificant help will help them relieve suffering and give hope for the future!
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To give joy to sick children, to support parents fighting for their child is a noble act! So let us all together make the life of this unfortunate, innocent baby, at least a little bit easier!