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I am dreaming of a panduri so much!

On February 13 our pupil Ani turns 14! With God's help, we managed to snatch this child from the edge of the abyss and take care of her.
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Project completed!

Dear friends, probably you have noticed that from time to time we give you a chance to personally participate in congratulating foster children of our three Children's Homes with Birthdays. It has already become a good tradition which does not leave untouched many of our compatriots. And we are sincerely glad to know it! 

On February 13 our pupil Ani turns 14! With God's help, we managed to snatch this child from the edge of the abyss and take care of her. She got into world unknown for her – a world of warmth, comfort, love and care!

Ani is a wonderful girl, very purposeful, concentrated, attentive and well-read. She does great at school, systematically takes part in city competitions in various subjects, and always returnes with certificates and prizes. We are doing everything so that her life is happy and childishly fun! We asked Ani to reveal her secret, to tell us what she dreams about. 

- Is there a dream that would make you very happy? 

Ani: Recently I and three other pupils of the foster house began to lessons of playing the panduri at Kobuleti Culture House. Panduri is a Georgian national instrument, which I like very much. At the lessons we are given this instrument, but I cannot train outside the school. I don't have a panduri. That is why I am dreaming about it, even at night. 

- And how do you study at school, what subjects do you like the most? 

Ani: I like them all and receive only 10 points for everything. I love Georgian literature, history and music. I love folk songs and melodies. Now I am preparing to participate in the next city competition in literature. 

- What do you want to become? Have you decided already? 

 Ani: No, I haven't made up my mind yet, although I am thinking about it. Next year I will know for sure! 

Dear friends, our children are already used to the fact that their birthdays are celebrated in a big way, as we constantly tell about them on the FB-page of our Fund. Not surprisingly, Ani is looking forward to her holiday. She is sure that it be magical, filled with gifts, surprises, songs, dances and ... miracles! 

We, as always, guarantee the "miracles" part! As always, we will lay a festive table and light candles on her birthday cake, and give her the long-awaited gift! But if you have a desire to congratulate her personally, our doors are always open for you! You can also write her a letter or give her what you think is necessary. Remember, making a gift to the child from the heart is ennobling you!

You can transfer money to our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: gift for Ani) or through our website.

We will report to you and tell you about the reaction of our birthday girl!

You can as well transfer money through NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. Find our Fund in the Charity Section.

Special thanks to all those who will share this post! After all, with your help, it will find its destination! 

Our main goal is to promote the great idea of charity. Dear friends, give children love, warmth and joy! God help you!

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