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Saba? happy birthday!

I will become a policeman and I will protect everyone!
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Project completed!
The fact that our Saba had to go through for 10 years, you will not even wish the enemy! Wandering through the streets asking for passers-by pennies, and mistreatment from “friends” at the boarding school ... hunger, cold, insults ... but it's all in the past and now our hero of the day, the main task is to go to school best of all, to be the best in sports and protect your friends!
We asked a few questions to Saba:
- Saba, do you remember how you came to our house?
- Of course I remember. My brother and I were brought here, found us and brought. It was recently, 2 years ago.
- Why did they bring you here? How did you live before?
- We are 3 brothers, I will soon be 10 years old, the eldest is 12, and the little one just turned 4 years old. He is now with mom. And my brother and I were first taken to a shelter, then we fled from there, it was very bad there. Then came here and loved this place! Now that mom picks us up for the weekend, we miss our friends, the tutors! We really miss you.
- Whom do you want to become and what do you dream about?
- I dream of becoming a policeman! They are the strongest, the most courageous, they saved and rescued us many times. So I will become a policeman and I will also protect children myself! To no one offended them.
- For this you need to study well, you know?
- Yes, I know ... I'm good at learning. I get only dozens and nines ... well, sometimes eights, but then I fix them. I also play football very well, and basketball ... it's all because the police have to be very strong!
- And now what are you dreaming about? What gift do you want for your birthday?
- I really want the ball. And the cake, and so that children would never be offended ...
What else can I add? What to wish our wonderful boy? Only health, and the fulfillment of all desires! God grant that his good dream come true, God forbid that not one child should suffer ...
Friends, let's give the boy a piece of your heart! After all, children, as the Lord says, are angels on earth!
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