Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

In the orphanage of the Chernovetsky Fund, I found a new family.

Little beauty Mzia August 18th Birthday. She will be 14 years old.
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Project completed!

She lives with us since the opening of the orphanage. Mziah says: “I am friends and I love all the children who live with me.”
She is very hardworking, a little modest and kind girl. She dreams of becoming a dancer because she adores Georgian folk dances. On her birthday she dreams that she was presented with real stylist's devices, because according to the story of Mzia, she loves to make hairstyles to her friends and friends in awe of the result ..
- Mzia, can you remember how you got into the family house of the Chernovetsky Fund?
“My aunt called my mom and told her about this house.” Since we didn’t have a well-to-do family - mom worked late in the morning, she couldn’t give me attention and time, which I really needed, because I was 7 years old. For my own good, it would be better for me to move to the family home of the Foundation. At first, it was difficult for me, but there are such warm teachers, so attentive, that soon I got used to it and more than that I began to feel at home.
- From your story, I understand that you are very comfortable here. Do you have many friends at the orphanage? (to this question, Mziah answered us modestly)
- This is more than comfort, I realize how many people love me. They are glad to see me. I'm friends with everyone here. We play together, laugh, enjoy life ...
Unfortunately, in my present life everything was different ... I had friends when I lived with my mother, but over time we drifted away (here she stopped talking and continued sadly) I don’t know why. In the last time, until I was brought to the orphanage, I did not go down to the courtyard, I didn’t like “yard” children ... My friends were then cousins, with whom I am now friends. Thank God, we are growing together with other pupils of the house of the Chernovetsky Fund.
- Let's not talk about sad things! Tell me, how do you imagine your birthday party, what will it be?
- Be sure to colorful. After all, the beauty of this day, so that you are surrounded by loving people. On my birthday will be all my friends, beloved educators and, of course, my beloved Mom.
- What do you think, who will congratulate you first?
- I know for sure that this will be my best friend Sabina, and then the rest of my friends and educators.
- What do you wish our subscribers and all good people on earth?
- I sincerely wish you all good health, that the most important thing in life and that the good that you give to others will return to you the best side.
Chernovetsky Fund congratulates Mziyu on his birthday! Wishes a multicolored childhood and a successful future!
And how would you congratulate her?
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