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October 28, 2021
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There are only three people in the small Bichiashvili family, two of them are disabled since birth. Both mother and son suffer from a terrible genetic disease, which gradually, year after year, more and more constrains their leg muscles causing their deformity and preventing their motor activity. Seven-year-old Nikoloz, still walks independently, although with difficulty, but his mother, 28-year-old Maka, can no longer do without a cane and someone’s help.
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Project completed!

We feel loved now!


“My cookies, I finally got to you!”

- Look at my car first! Let’s talk later! – Niko gets into his car and drives. With very satisfied face he makes circles around the yard, without ceasing to chat with me: “I never thought that I would ever have such a thing. I dreamed about it so much… Look at the wheels, how powerful they are! Do you see the side mirror?

- You are very good at driving.

Niko just shines! This little heart has finally known happiness! His mother Maka smiles sweetly.

We are sure there is no need to introduce the Bichiashvili family. The feedback to our post about them was really incredible.

This video made everyone shocked:  it is a real torment for mother and son to walk. They can only walk by holding on to each other.

Severe health problems have not gone away. Both Maka and Niko need help right now. But you managed to support them a lot! You were so passionate to create the better living conditions to them!

“It’s good when there are so many tasty things at home!”

“It’s beautiful now, isn’t it?”

- Maka, as I see, there are a lot of new things in your house. How did your life and life of Nikoloz change after our publication?

Maka: I still can't get used to the fact that we have so many problems solved. (Smiles). I did not expect that.

Nikoloz: And I'm already used to it. (Happilly smiles.) Ask me - I like everything. Will I say mom? (Maka nods her head.)

Nikoloz: We had no furniture, now we have it; we had no bed - here it is, we had no food and drink - now we have a lot. You are great!

Maka (smiles):Niko and I are sincerely grateful to everyone who took care of us. This is the first time this has happened to us - so that someone took care of us, solved our problems, fulfilled our dreams. There are a lot of people involved in this! My son and I say to each of you personally: "Thanks a lot!"

“The bed is so big that I can roll over several times”

Niko: And we say: “You are really great!”

- These words go straight to the heart! Let's tell our readers all the details. It will inspire them. What help did you get? What did you enjoy the most?

Maka: Everyday people make us feel loved. It's so nice! Entire Georgia already knows us, and everyone is worried about us. Everyone took our family story to heart. I keep getting the phone calls! Everyone wants to help us, share the warmth of their hearts with us. God, I'm afraid it will be impossible for us to live without so much love!

Most people don't even tell us their names, but I pray to God for each of them. We had wonderful days when wonderful things happened one after another. A complete stranger, Beka, came and brought us a mobile phone! They brought us the most desired gift from Lagodekhi - two bags of flour. This is a real salvation for us - we barely had enough bread for the day. And now I even bake khachapuri and cookies, which Nikoloz loves so much.

Nikoloz: It's good to have tasty things at home!

Maka: Mari came from Tbilisi to bring very beautiful clothes for Niko - both for the winter and for the summer. I have not bought anything new for my child for so long, he always put on the same clothes. Oh, how happy he was!

A lot of people came to visit us! Many thanks to all of them, may the Lord reward them a hundredfold for this. Giorgi, a complete stranger, opened a bank account for us and he transfers us money every month so that we can pay off the loan.

One kind man from Batumi made my son's cherished dream come true - and he didn't even tell us his name. He gave Niko a big toy car that you can get in and ride. You can’t imagine how happy he was! The child could not calm down from happiness!

The parents of Niko's classmates also made a surprise to us. They gave us nice clothes.

Nikoloz: Mommy, let me tell! You know, what I wanted most was a bag with wheels. As it turned out, my classmate's mother found out about this, and she brought me exactly the bag I wanted.

- Do you already go to school with this bag?

Nikoloz: Yes. You know, everyone likes it! No matter how many books you put in, it's not heavy to carry, you just roll it, as if it's not a bag, but a toy.

Oh, I almost forgot! They also gave me a desk for my home! I like it very much - I enjoy studying at it.

“We didn’t have a wardrobe, but now we have!”

– Niko, what other gifts did you like the most?

Nikoloz: Mobile phone, tablet and car. We study either online or go to school. I need a tablet and a mobile phone all the time - they help me a lot. I've wanted a car for so long. (Nico's eyes are shining.) But when I said that I didn't expect it to work. It's good that I said it! Otherwise, an uncle from Batumi would not have read it.

It is exactly what I dreamed of! You just sit down and ride. It’s very cool. You drive it like “vroom-vroom” (Makes a car sound.) It can go everywhere - on a flat road and in mud, and it does not need gasoline. “Vroom-vroom” (Makes a car sound again.) It’s so cool. And my legs don't get tired. (Smiles.)

“My car will go everywhere - both in the mud and on the leaves”

Nikoloz: Do you like my car?

– Well, this is such a cool SUV! I wish you to travel many roads and many new places.

Nikoloz: Well, I have to park my car at the parking lot.

- Wow! Good luck!

“We both have fun thanks to the tablet”

– Maka, did the local authorities respond to our post? Did they react in any way?

Maka: Yes, they helped us a little. They brought us a bag full of groceries for the New Year from the management of Tsnori. That's it, nothing more. They know perfectly that we are so sick, that we rent the house, that we suffer. There are many abandoned houses around us. What happens if they give one of them to us? I've been asking for housing for so many years. But they don’t care about us - that's the problem. They can, but they don't want to bother themselves.

God be their judge... The entire Georgia helped us. The owner of shop in Tsnori brought us bags of food - buckwheat, sugar, rice, tomatoes. From himself, at the behest of his soul. A complete stranger. Or here's another example: the girls came by car, they brought us a lot of food. It derives from within.

– What does the support of kind people mean to you, how much did their gifts make your life easier?

Maka: I never imagined how easy household chores become when you have a washing machine and a normal gas stove. How should I know? I never had a washing machine before, I never used it. I already said that I bake stuff for my son. I use this gas stove.

There is no room for a heater in this little room that serves us as kitchen, living room, and bedroom. We don’t have it, so we turn on the gas stove and heat up that way. I don't know what we would do without it this cold winter. So, it also saves us from the cold.

A washing machine makes life much easier.

- Maka, despite your optimism, we know that problems still remain. The state of health, both yours and Niko's, has not changed. How else our friends can help you?

Maka: I want very much my son to be examined thoroughly. I want to take him to a good doctor to know if there is a chance to help him. But I must be sure that this treatment will bring a result. I am saying that because of my bitter experience. My brothers and sisters were operated on, but to no avail. It turned out that after the operation it was necessary to do exercises, but no one even told us about it. Well, and we did not have funds for it. You need a lot of money for treatment. I have to be 100% sure that Nikoloz will walk normally. His ligaments are shortened and tense. Therefore, he needs to be examined thoroughly. I will be really happy if someone can help us with this. When my son runs on his own, it will be like walking on my own for me. I'll be really happy!

- What else are you dreaming about, Niko? How can we make you happy?

Nikoloz: It’s extremely difficult. I am not sure whether you’ll be able to. (Starts thinking, becomes serious.) So that my mother and I could walk well ...

 “I really want my mom and I to be able to walk well”


Dear friends! We know that you have already fallen in love with Nikoloz and his mother Maka. It is impossible not to take them to heart! Now we have one more request to everyone, especially to our compatriots who live abroad: perhaps somewhere such a disease is being successfully treated. Perhaps a genetic disease is not a sentence. And there is a precedent when this disease was defeated.

Let's think together how we can help them: with funds, with an examination, with the useful contacts. Let's make this little boy full of kindness happy, a boy who matured early because of his concern for his own and his mother's health; let's make Niko able to run, jump, play football like his peers. Kindness will help, we have proven this many times. And now we want to ask for the same thing - let's give Niko and his mother the opportunity to fully enjoy life!

Dear friends, the address of Maka and Nikoloz is: Tsnori, village Sakobo, 9 Gamarjveba Str.

Please repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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We have already helped thousands of disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers! Life is always unpredictable!

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