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January 5, 2014       5722
The project “Home Care” exists since September 2012 and today it has already 600 patients
₾ 4,782.42

Healthcare nowadays comes with big costs for our society. A specific layer of our population nowadays is experiencing a deep crisis, which prevents them from being able receive medical services, without which their lives are in danger.

The project “Home Care” exists since September 2012 and today it has already 600 patients, to whom we provide necessary medical aid on a daily basis and provide them with medication in order to support their lives.  

The beneficiary groups include: bedridden patients and people who need outside care, patients with chronic diseases (mostly elderly and helpless people) and patients in recovery and exacerbation period.

Qualified nurses and their assistants provide necessary medical and psycho-social assistance to the bedridden and home confined patients in their homes.

We provide them with the necessary medications, victuals, and hygiene means on a daily basis, which are bought by almsgivers.  

One of the target directions of the Fund is to contribute to the improved welfare of home care patients, to increasing their possibilities, and supporting even more people.

Participating in the implementation of the project are: medical doctors, neurologist, oncologist, nurses, nurse assistants, recreation therapists and methodologists and social workers. Thanks to our medical personnel, during the existence of the Fund, thousands of people received qualified, timely medical assistance and stayed alive!  

The project personnel help patients on a daily basis, including holidays and weekends. Frequently our employees are the only ties these people have with the outer world.

If you have information regarding a lonely poverty-stricken - socially unprotected person who is in need of  home care, please, call us.

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