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What a terrible grief!

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June 17, 2022
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Anastasia lies motionless all the time, and Nikoloz constantly sits in a wheelchair. One twin has hydrocephalus, and the other has cerebral palsy. Their mother Esenia was hit with their two severe diagnoses at once. It was as if she was first hit the ground and then a huge piece of rock was stuck in her heart. She lost her breath, and since then she has been trying to breathe, at least a little bit to free herself from the pain in her heart.
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What a terrible grief!
Little Anastasia can do almost nothing because of her illness. But her disease could not take away this wonderful smile
Anastasia lies motionless all the time, and Nikoloz constantly sits in a wheelchair. One twin has hydrocephalus, and the other has cerebral palsy. Their mother Esenia was hit with their two severe diagnoses at once. It was as if she was first hit the ground and then a huge piece of rock was stuck in her heart. She lost her breath, and since then she has been trying to breathe, at least a little bit to free herself from the pain in her heart. 
 Anastasia is blind, she cannot talk, chew food, move. Her neck can't support her heavy head! She can't even lift it even a bit.  Mom has to lift Nikoloz and sit him in a wheelchair. Esenia is torn between two sick children. Both of them need help right away! Anastasia needs several diapers a day, special cereals, and medications; Nikoloz needs to take rehabilitation so as not to remain confined to a wheelchair forever.
 But this is not all about Esenia. She has not two children, but four! Irina and Archil, thank God, are not sick. But they also want to eat. Especially at night, when the stomach takes revenge for the daytime hunger and does not let them sleep. 
 Esenia’s husband left her two years ago, he left for another woman. Imagine - he just got up and left. He left her after 15 years of marriage, after so many years lived in love, despite that Esenia considered him the best soulmate that the Lord can only reward. After having four children.
 Esenia is torn into four parts. 
                          Esenia: “She opened the last box of cereals. I’m worried about what to feed her then.”         
- Esenia, how did this happen? So, suddenly, after so many years of marriage, why did your husband leave you in such a difficult situation?
Esenia:  This is the hardest thing for me to understand. We have been such a good family for so many years. He gave me the strength to endure the diseases of our children. We have been coping with all the difficulties together for 15 years. Problems couldn't overpower our love. 
 It is difficult for me to accept that I am completely alone now, and he is with another woman. When he left me, it was like a bolt out of the blue. Everyone around was talking about us, what a good couple we were, how we complemented each other. I didn't notice when he lost his love. Probably, in these chaotic conditions, I missed something... I was switched to children, and this is how it should have been! He stuck a knife in my back ... At first, I got lost without him, but now I am stronger. Children give me strength, support me, they understand everything like adults.
"Today I will not go to play in the yard, to be with you"
- How do you cope alone raising children, and especially taking care of your twins? 
- It’s very hard for me. Just think about it... Some people can't take care of two healthy kids, and now think in what situation we are. We're renting, the rent has now gone up. This house doesn't even have proper windows. In winter, it doesn't matter if you're at home or outside - it's so cold here. It is impossible to survive on allowance and pensions. You need an apartment, food for five people, clothes, medications for the twins... you can't keep up with everything. The father of the kids sometimes sends them some money, trying to help them at least in this way, but, of course, this is not enough. I won't eat my piece, and I'll save it for the kids. The same Archil (17) and Irine (11) do for the sake of twins. They sacrifice themselves, we are used to such a life. If I didn’t have Archil and Irina, I don’t know what would happen to me - they help me with everything.   
 “I am very tired of the wheelchair, now I will sit on the floor for a while”
- Tell us more about the twins, when did you find out that both children had health problems?
- I didn't know anything while they were in my belly. They were born seven months premature. Anastasia immediately fell ill with meningitis, right in the maternity hospital. My poor girl, she found herself under the surgeon’s knife as soon as she was born. I wanted to scream when they took her away for surgery. I didn't want to let them take her. But she didn't get any better after the operation. She can't see, can't talk, can't eat. She is 10 years old, but she cannot hold her head. Her neck cannot cope - her head is too heavy. Later she started having epilepsy. It is impossible to cure Anastasia, you must give her medications to let her live. It depends only on God how long He will allow her to live...
 Nikoloz was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 2. It was the second blow for me. 
He is a very good boy, we take him to school. Nikoloz does well with school affairs. I am proud of all my children, whatever they are, I love them all madly and will give my life for them. Even though we are alone, and it is hard for us, I somehow got used to this situation. I try not to take that as a tragedy. All I have is a gift from God and I should treat it with care. 
“I ask God only for patience and health for them”
- I know it is hard to you to remember this, but what did you feel when you learned about their diagnoses ...
- Everything that I say in words, will not convey what I felt ... At first, expecting them was such a great joy! Then their birth lifted me to the seventh heaven, and their diagnosis dropped me from there in a second. Unexpectedly violently it threw me to the ground. It was like a huge piece of rock that stuck right in my heart. It doesn't let me breathe anymore. That's how it was. 
 But when you realize that the Lord sent them to you like this, you soon begin to get used to the life that has already begun. You get used to the fact that you have such a responsibility, you begin to live differently for them. You just know that you should not fall, and you continue to live ... When my ex-husband was with me, I was not afraid of anything ...       
- Esenia, what is your everyday diet, what do your children eat?
- Our diet is as skimpy as possible. Buckwheat, eggs, rice, pasta, and other food for the poor. We cannot buy meat or fish or fruits because of their price. If I'm lucky, sometimes I buy cheap sausages.
- Is there anyone who helps you and supports you?
- Only my mom. She lives in Lagodekhi and is already old. Only she knows how to cheer up her daughter. So many times, she gave me her last 20 lari, tore it away from herself. I try not to disturb her often because she is taking care of my stepfather who had a heart attack and is bedridden now. He is a very good person - he loved my mother very much and accepted me as his daughter. May God grant him long life...
TV replaces street Nikoloz, football, biking, active games with friends - all children's joys
- What you really dream about? Share with us, what is this dream?
- To be honest, I have not dreamed for a long time, I have neither time, nor wish, nor mood for this. Many times, I imagined what I really wanted and what I didn’t have, I got even more upset. I often dreamed of having my own home, where everyone has their own soft bed, where refrigerator is always full... Do you want me to say something? I not only wanted to have my own house. Sometimes, in my dreams, I even felt the smell of refurbishment in it was. 
- If you had a chance to return to your past, what would you warn yourself about, or what advice would you give to yourself?
- Of course, I would say: Esenia you will meet a man in your life, that you will love more than yourself. You will be happy, full of life, this man will give you beloved children, and betray you in 15 years, leave you alone with this pain... I do not regret the life I have lived. But I would at least be ready for such an ending ... 
- What would you advise single mothers who have been abandoned, betrayed, left alone with their children?
- Do not give up, live for your children, and leave the experience in the past. The Lord endows us, single mothers, especially mothers of sick children, with special strength. I feel it in my gut… God chose us, because He knew that we would be able to take care of them and not leave them. The Lord will give you a hand....
 Either through strangers, or through relatives. That is why I addressed your Fund - I know that you’re doing good deeds. All those people who donate at least one tetri for such poor families as ours are doing the work of mercy. And it gives me strength. I believe that such people still exist.
“It's good that Anastasia and I have a sister, Irina. She helps us and loves us. And I love her very much.”
- I want to ask Irina and Nikoloz about Anastasia.
- Irina, what do you do when your sister Anastasia gets bad? When she has an epileptic attack? Have you seen how it happens? 
Irine (11-year-old): 
Before, we were all very afraid. We even cried. Now we are also afraid... But it’s not like that anymore... I used to hide in the toilet and cover my ears with my hands. Now that I have grown up and got used to it a little, I run to Anastasia and hold her hand. I try not to let my hand tremble, but so far it doesn’t work... What else... I begin to pray a lot that all this will end quickly...
Nikoloz (10 years old): 
- You know, ma’am, I also really want to help her, but I can’t... Mmm... But, when everything is fine with her, I feed her porridge from a bottle. When she gets dirty with food, I wipe her mouth myself. Sometimes I try to make funny faces. But then I remember that she does not see. It’s a pity that she can't see what we look like.
- Nikoloz, what do you dream about most often?
Nikoloz (10-year-old): 
- I want to be able to walk, I dream only about this... I really want to play football, or, when my sister is crying, get up and quickly come to her, but... It's a dream... Mom doesn't have enough money to make artificial legs for me... I guess I’ll still sit a lot, or maybe always (gets sad). I will tell you about a more real dream… I love reading very much, and I want to have many books and encyclopedias.
- Do you like going to school? What are your classmates like?
Nikoloz (10-year-old): 
 - It’s good at school. I have many friends there. No one offends me. It’s true - children in my class are very good. They all help me, their attitude towards me is so special. I love being with them so much.
- Wait Niko, don't talk about yourself like that. What if I can get rich and you get artificial legs? 
- Irine, how can you do this - well, become rich?
Irine (11-year-old): 
 - I'm still thinking. Every night, before going to bed, I think about it... At first, only the smell of food is spinning in my head. I can’t sleep when I’m hungry. Then I try to distract myself and imagine how to become rich. First, I need to study well, read a lot, and when I already know a lot about the world, then I will decide how to make a lot of money. If I become rich, I’ll make artificial legs for Niko. I will buy new beds for my mother, brothers, and sister. We will install good windows in the house so that the cold does not enter our house.
- Guys, it is so great that you think how to help each other. How to make life of your family better. Let this desire not weaken and let everything work out for you.  Friends of our Fund will certainly help you before you get rich, they will help you right now. 
- Esenia, what do you need, how the friends of the Fund can alleviate your hard situation?
- I will be grateful for any help. For anything you can do for me I will thank you and bless you. But still, I will say the most important thing: Anastasia needs special cereals and hygiene products. There are four children in the family, and they don't even have proper beds, no bedding, no mattresses. There is no washing machine so that I can wash the clothes of so many children. Hand washing takes so much time and energy that I don't look like a person. If all this really works out, it will be wonderful. If not, then a simple call, just an expression of love and attention, will make us very happy…
    “Now our family is me and the children. We will find the way out if you help us”
Friends! She has four children, two of them are severely ill. She went through so many things. How does she manage to cope? Where does she find the strength to remain self-possessed and do her job silently? 
She really needs support in this hard life. Not the same as she used to have. Her ex-husband broke and escaped the difficulties. She needs support made of stone and steel. And you are the best in that! Esenia knows that - that’s why she addressed our Fund. She does everything to save her children.  We will help her with that. 
You can also provide them with possible help, and God bless you! If anyone is willing to visit and help them in person, here is the address: Tbilisi, 4th Nutsubidze Plateau, Bldg. 23, 10th floor, apt. 45
        If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just see our posts on Facebook, or better call any of our beneficiaries, and all your problems will seem unimportant to you, compared with the problems of those to whom you opened your kind heart and helped in the most difficult moment of their lives.
          Our problems are noting if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.
          Every time you can help someone, just do it, and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you! 
          Please don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!
         Friends, there is one more request - if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at: office-fsp@fsp.ge. 
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         We have already helped thousands of disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers! Life is always unpredictable!
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