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I want my tummy not to hurt on New Year's Eve and not to be cold at home
I want my tummy not to hurt on New Year's Eve and not to be cold at home
Birthday: 13.05.2015
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I want my tummy not to hurt on New Year's Eve and not to be cold at home

Barbare: Do you know that New Year holidays are coming soon? Do you have children? Will Santa Claus come to them? Did they behave well? Will you give them something too? And a doll? And candy? And dresses like Princess Elsa's ones?And chocolate? And a cutlet? And a doll? And cookies? And dresses?

- Wow, Barbare, so many questions! Let's talk calmly, otherwise I won't be able to remember everything at once.

Barbare: Write it down! I do this at school so as not to forget what the teacher says.

-  Okay, but let's talk about everything in order!

Barbare: I behaved well both at school and at home. But I didn't get any Christmas gifts. And I didn't get them last year either... And i did not get them for my birthday... And I probably won't get them now. And I really want to go out into the yard on the first of January and show off my gifts. Because my mom and dad say that I'm a good girl. Even my teacher Nana praises me all the time. I even learned a poem. I not only dreamed of gifts for myself, but also for my mom and dad!

- You are the kindest girl in Georgia! You know about it?

Barbare: I know! And when I grow up, I will become even kinder. And I will be a doctor, and I will treat everyone. And I will also become a princess and a painter.

- Wow! Will you have enough time for everything?

Barbare: Of course, I will. In the morning I will be a doctor, then I will draw. And I will always be a princess!

- So, what to write down? Tell me!

Barbare: Number one - "fluffulo” princess bed.

- What’s "fluffulo"?

Barbare: It is, soft, warm, well, fluffy. Number two is the princess pillow and blanket.

- "Fluffulo” as well?

Barbare: No, they can be ordinary! And number three is a dress, toys, sweets, cookies, and a beautiful dress!

- You said “dress” twice.

Barbare: Yes! Because I want two!

- Maybe you want a warm jacket and fluffulo boots too so that you don’t freeze in winter?

Barbare: It would be cool. Thank you in advance for everything!

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